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Team building activities your employees will love


“If you take care of your workers, they’ll take care of your business,” says legendary magnate Richard Branson.

Employee engagement is more important than ever, crucial for any good business to survive. Creating a better corporate culture is easier than you think. These employee engagement activities will make employees feel more valued and be more committed to their work.

Boost morale with small, impactful gestures

Companies do not need to host extravagant or grandiose events to improve morale among employees. Small gestures showing appreciation, something as simple as thanking employees for their hard work can make a big impact. Employees can tell when their company is just phoning it in, so it is crucial to be as transparent as possible.

Say thank you

It sounds simple, but thanking employees for their hard work goes a long way. Celebrate personal wins and be personal wherever possible.

Emphasize work-life balance

Employees have lives outside of work and companies need to remember this. Putting an emphasis on taking days off, or on flexible working schedules will keep employees engaged and have them feeling refreshed.

Encourage open communication

Establish an open-door policy, encouraging employees to speak to management freely and openly. Communicate changes to all employees. Be transparent and eliminate the idea of “us vs. them”.

Activities your team will love

  • Monthly birthday breakfasts-celebrate everyone’s birthdays that month with a breakfast buffet
  • Free pizza days-everyone has to eat, and everyone loves pizza. Say thank you with a couple of free slices.
  • Themed potlucks- hold occasional potlucks that can be company-wide or just for individual teams. Add themes like macaroni and cheese, chili, desserts, tacos, or whatever you choose. Employees will have fun cooking and eating together as a team,
  • Visit an Escape Room- employees will have to work together as a team to solve a puzzle within 60 minutes to “escape”. Build camaraderie and encourage team work.
  • Get moving! – bring employees together for a softball or dodgeball game, a fun run, or any other physical activity.
  • Race Go-Karts–find a local go-kart track and get racing. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

These are just some of many ways to improve culture and engage in team building. Employees don’t need anything big, they just need to feel appreciated. Whatever you decide for your company, do what works to build a happier, more connected culture at work. Your employees will thank you.

Team building activities your employees will love

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