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The entrepreneurs’ secret ingredient of success: sleep


“Sleep-deprived entrepreneurs are soon going to be a thing of the past” says conspicuous business leaders like Arianna Huffington and Jeff Bezos as they continue to endorse the importance of sleep.  Often the number of hours available in the day seem to fall short for an entrepreneur to complete his/her to-do-list but little do we realize that by sacrificing on your sleep and not doing a favor on yourself in fact you are building up on your sleep debt that will ultimately prove to be detrimental for your health in the long run.

Success is often determined by how you plan out your day because it ultimately affects your work productivity. A crucial part of your daily routine is your sleep habits, which if messed up can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. Following a set sleeping pattern can do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

How much time will you save missing your hours of sleep?

From college and university students trying to pull off all-nighters in an attempt to cram up their course work to aspiring business entrepreneurs aiming to  work on their bright ideas in an attempt to crack a code or apply a win-win strategy. By staying awake during the late hours of the night we are actually putting a stress on our mental capacity and potential to deliver our best.

Budding entrepreneurs often feel a lot of anxiety and stress in the beginning and for that they need to adopt a practical approach? Is sacrificing your sleep the most viable option right now? Is the opportunity cost of working late over sleeping worth it? Am I getting enough sleep to be able to function as a normal human being? Such type of questions help you to analyze your situation and not put undue pressure on your poor soul. Adopt these healthy sleep habits to stay sane enough to discharge your duties in a responsible manner, because just like financial debt, “sleep debt” is a vicious circle that needs serious amendments.

  • A ‘healthy’ sleep schedule means a ‘healthy’ professional life

By not sleeping the required hours that a normal human body requires that is 7-9 hours of sound sleep, your body is bound to show signs of chaos. If you try to disrupt the natural decorum of things, be prepared to face the repercussions. Famous people attribute their success to a highly organized and properly chalked out schedule. They believe that if they give their body proper rest they will be able to wake up with a fresh mind with a longer concentration span and  also be able de-stress themselves and keep pangs of anxiety at bay.

  • Sleep well

Just tossing about restlessly in bed is not called catching up on your Z’s. Quality sleep is when you are sound asleep without a worry of the world. Often bickering thoughts and worries preoccupy your mind which puts you in a partial state of sleep, which does not serve the true purpose of sleep. Make sure that you adopt certain nightly rituals that prepare you for a sound deep sleep to rejuvenate your spirits the next day. Your sleep time should be exclusive, away from gadgets and other worldly distractions.

  • Distribute your work responsibilities or outsource

Overburdening yourself will never help you reap the results you desire.  At that particular moment you may feel the urgency to accomplish a certain task and for that you are ready to go to any length to accomplish your goals. However, only take up that much work which you feel you will practically be able to do as down the road you will realize that sleep deprivation can lead to long-term loss in productivity.

Try to divide your work-load by assigning duties to your employees as per their capabilities. Concentrate on your core competencies and achieve excellence in your field of expertise rather than being all over the place. Prioritize your sleep so that you are on your feet at all times, ready to take the corporate world by storm. That fogginess of the mind only proves to be delusional for your thought processes and disrupt your work productivity. So correct your sleep patterns and sleep your way to success.

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