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8 best phrases to use when you want to close a deal


If a painting is worth a thousand words, then your words are worth a thousand deals.

You can prep and polish your presentation as much as you like, but using the wrong words can stop you closing the deal in the final stage. Here are some examples of good phrases to use when closing a deal:

Best sellers

Using the phrase “best seller” in your pitch to a client can help you close the deal because they will trust your expertise and see that you understand them and what they want.

Besides, everyone wants the best and latest thing but, depending on the person, the “best thing” will differ.


Yes, you’d be right in saying “your” is a word not a phrase, but… using it in your pitch can help you close the deal because it tells the customer who you’re thinking about— them. This will tell them who your priority is.

Be the first

Like best sellers, everyone likes to be the first to do or have something, as they will seem like pioneers, leaders, and perhaps even game changers.

Using this phrase can help you close the deal because it will tap into the clients desire to be the first and will show how innovative and forward thinking you are.

Can you see we can provide you with the services or products you need?

Using this phrase can help you close the deal because it allows the client to relay their confidence in you, your ability to look after them, what they need and make them offers in the future.

And, if you have done your pitch right, it means that you have offered them something no one else can.

Can you see we understand you company’s current needs and future goals?

This phrase will help you close the deal because it allows the client to air any concerns they may have with you and what you’re offering.

Once they have done this, they will eventually relay their confidence in you and your understanding of their needs and goals- present and future.

Taking all of your requirements and desires into consideration, I think these two products would work best for you. Would you like to go with [X] or [X]?

As it should be, this gives the client control over the decision.

It will also help you close the deal because of how comfortable the client will be with what you’ve offered and the choice they have to make. And that is when they will know that you really have considered all of their requirements and desires.

Do you have any more questions or are you ready to proceed?

Using this phrase allows the client to clear up any last minute questions or hesitations they may have and allows you to put them at ease over them— getting both of you to the close of the deal.

So when should we get started on implementation?/Do we have your approval to proceed?

Using this phrase is important because it makes sure the client is happy with the offer and to proceed with it.

It can also help you close the deal because it lets the client decide when they want the deal to happen.

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