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6 strategies to get a reluctant client to close the deal


How difficult do you think it would be to pitch something to a reluctant client? Pretty tough, right? Well, now imagine having to close that deal.

Clients can be reluctant for many reasons. Maybe they have a lotof different good offers, maybe they’re unsure of which product is the best or maybe they just don’t know what they want.

But despite their reluctance, it is possible to pitch to them and close the deal. You may have to work a little harder, but you can do it. Use these strategies to get them over the line.

Listen patiently

Listening to what the client wants is an important part of closing the deal— even if they are reluctant.Doing this is important because it allows you to determine what to offer them that is exactly what they want or is, at least, in line with it. Don’t assume you know what they want… listen to what they want.

Imagine an audience

Imagining you have an audience bigger than your client can sometimes be the key to turning their reluctance around.

Doing this will make sure you polish your presentation, and help build your confidence and ability to get your pitch across.

Choose your words carefully

The way you phrase something is important because the wrong word or phrase at the wrong time will make an already reluctant client completely reject the deal.

So instead of saying something like, “This is the best product or deal we have”, which sounds like there is something better out there with someone else, say “You can’t go wrong with this one. This is the best deal out there”. This will fill the client with confidence and ensure that you close the deal.

Acknowledge, but don’t agree

You don’t have to agree with someone to acknowledge what they are saying. When dealing with a reluctant client, this holds true even more. Even if you don’t agree, acknowledging what they say will let them know thatyou understand them and are on the same page.

Be confident in your expertise

Unless your reluctant client is a secret shopper, your expertise in an area is the one they will look for and rely on when looking for something.It will also help if you’re confident in your expertise because then the client will be too and this will help you close the deal.

Take notes

Whether you write them down or commit them to memory, taking notes of what your client says and wants when they are in the market for something can help you close the deal. And, regardless of their reluctance, doing it will help you pinpoint precisely what they want, and when they want it.

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