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The types of men that block women


Men block women. Men block men. Women block women. Women block men. Simply put … people block people. However, being a woman in the business world you will find there are particular kinds of business men that will savagely block a woman — and once you can identify them, you are better able to be on your guard and on the lookout for the block danger.Once you identify that potential for a block, start working around and past the perpetrator — even before he starts blocking you. Make connections in a 360-degree circle around him: his superiors if possible, his colleagues, and also the people who report to him. Be aware of every aspect of your success, character or even appearance that would spark a blocking hurdle, and you’ll always be aware of what’s going on. This will avoid you being blindsided by a block.The types of men that block women (in the business world):

Middle Man

The middle manager. Very comfortable in his journey up the corporate ladder this man will see anyone and everyone as a threat to his career progression, if you’re smarter, funnier or even more attractive than him, he will put strategies in place to block your access to the company or to key people within the organisation.

Old Boy

The old school who rode the wave to the top. This guy is perceived to be successful because he is on boards and mixes with the elite business men — although his position is often based on having ridden the wave of other people’s success. He will block any woman who comes near his turf purely because women are intuitive and will quickly identify his lack of value in any business circle.

Big Fish

That is, the big fish in a little pond. Often the SME Managing Director, he feels very successful and important in his limited circle and market. If a bright savvy woman like yourself comes onto the scene and talks big picture and big ideas, you are gong to make him feel inferior. This will result in being blocked and possible gossiped about. Yes. Gossip isn’t limited to women. Men are just as guilty of this.


This type of man has an inability to see any woman as anything but a piece of meat. You could be the CEO of a leading company but to him you’re someone who can fuel his appetite for attention from the female sex. He will give you the impression he’s helping you, purely to spend time with you. He will flatter you and even steal your ideas. He has no interest in your value as a business woman, and the time he spends with you will not be of benefit to your career — often the reverse: he corrals you off from contact with other people who are the ones you should be making connections with.

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