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Three ways to stop depression stalling your success


Don’t let depression get in the way of your career and business success. Depression hits us all from time to time … it’s simply a fact of life. But in addition to the impact on your personal life, it can make your business and career life even harder than they already are. And let’s face, we don’t need any more hurdles on our path to success!

The depression might come from something that happens in your personal arena – those awful life events we all go through: the death of a loved one, divorce, and other family problems. Or it might be caused by situations in your career and business: dealing with difficult people, a slump in clients, or even the feeling that you are not getting ahead. And then there is depression that comes from a chemical imbalance in the body, and will respond to treatment like any other illness.

But no matter what the cause, there are some simple strategies you can follow to deal with the symptoms … and to prevent depression biting deeper. Find the strategies that work for you, and give yourself time to solve or work through the problems that are causing the depression.

Look after yourself

Sounds simple, but when you are in the midst of your depression with little or no energy, lacking motivation and self esteem this is actually quite hard. So you need to have a proactive action plan. If you are tired and run down your body will feel sluggish, you will eat the wrong foods and you lack fuel to meet the physical demands of the day. Many people turn to natural supplements to help them when they are feeling sluggish, such as those including CBD. There are many forms of CBD products, from those you can enjoy orally in the form of gummies, to vaping. CBD is popular for its calming qualities that help people to continue with their day feeling refreshed.

Your first strategy is to plan to meet your physiological needs. It is important to keep a journal or record of how you are feeling and what the circumstances were at the time of your depression. Doing this will give you perspective, as well as start to separate what you feel from the reality of the situation. Over time you will be able to identify triggers that contribute to your depression and you can actively plan to avoid them.

Get a support team

There’s an old African proverb that goes: “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.” You need a support team around you made up of two groups; professionals and trusted family and/or friends.

The more you can talk and share your thoughts and feelings with others the more help and support you will have to get through any depressive episodes. Your professional team can include your local GP, counsellor, psychologist, ministers of religion and numerous others. If you need assistance finding professional help try one of the following links;

In addition to professionals you need trusted family and/or friends around you. Sharing your experiences and feelings with them has a two-fold effect it will help you lighten your burden and it will help them learn how to support you.

There are a few key qualities that you should look for in this group.

They should be good listeners, non judgemental and overall positively support your journey. If you don’t have people like this on your team yet, start talking to those around you and you will be surprised how many of your family and friends have experienced or may even be going through what you are. Being able to share a cuppa, coffee or have a debrief over the phone will help you immensely. Start making a list of your support team, and keep it handy and most of all, use it.

Find your gift

We all have a gift and according to the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, our meaning in life, is to find it — and our purpose in life, is to give it away. If you don’t think you have a gift nothing could be further from the truth.

Write down what you have been through so far in your life and what makes your heart skip a beat when you think or talk about it. It is in these things you will find your purpose. You might be good at working with young children or looking after elders, maybe you are a great cook or painter.

There are over 7.4 billion people in this world and none of us are good at everything and that’s why we need each other. Finding your gift allows you to work on a purpose for your life. Having a purpose in your life is not only good for others, it will help you get through your own depression. Once you find your gift or gifts and purpose in life write them down along with at least 3 key action items that can help you reach your full potential. Share it with your support network and ask them for assistance or help if you need.

A key point to successfully using these strategies requires you to take responsibility. This has a two fold benefit, firstly you are in control and secondly you get to make decisions relating to your journey through depression. These strategies are by no means a cure to depression or set and forget solutions but finding your way through depression is possible and you can live life to the full if you start using them.


About Melanie Holdsworth

Melanie Holdsworth is passionate about people, processes and projects across both the commercial environments and within community and not for profits. A visionary in the area of youth, cultural groups, and disadvantaged people, Melanie encourages people whilst also helping them find a way out of depression, suicidal thoughts and poverty. As a qualified and experienced health professional and change practitioner, she's a believer in using pragmatic solutions for a positive outcomes.

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