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4 Tips for dealing with challenging projects at work


There are times in life when work can just get too much, and this is often caused by an onslaught of challenging projects that continue to get the better of us. When you’re faced with such challenges, it can be very easy to feel like you’ll never complete them – but this simply isn’t true. Don’t drown in the stress, check out these four tips for dealing with challenging projects at work.

Make sure you’re well rested

If you have multiple challenging projects presented to you, working through the night to ensure that you finish each project in time can be incredibly tempting. However, this should be avoided at all costs. Choosing to work instead of sleep may provide you with more time, but it will ultimately decrease the quality of your work as your mind will be too tired to think properly, leading to silly mistakes. A good quality mattress can help you sleep well and ensure that you’re prepared for the day. So, make sure that you’re well rested to limit mistakes and that you’re mentally prepared for any challenging project.

Don’t struggle alone

A huge misconception that people always make when they’re struggling is that they can’t ask for help. This simply isn’t true, however, and you shouldn’t feel like you need to carry the burden of a challenging work project alone. Venting your frustrations to your colleagues and possibly your manager will not only allow you to relieve some of your stress, but may also prompt advice from your peers that will help you tackle the challenge. Bottling up all your stress will only create more frustration and will eventually lead you to convince yourself that you can’t complete the task. Don’t bottle up your problems; ask friends or colleagues for help.

Organization is key

Good organization is the key to completing a challenging project. It is vitally important that you plan out how you are going to tackle your project before you start it, as you may find yourself completely overwhelmed without a clue how to begin when the project is actually presented to you. A great way to start organizing is by breaking the project down into smaller tasks which you can slowly start to complete. To ensure that you always complete your work on time, you should also allocate time slots for when each task needs to be completed, but make sure that these are realistic and can actually be achieved.

Take a moment to breathe

If you feel yourself starting to get completely overwhelmed and in need of a break, make sure that you take one. Continuing to push yourself when you’re becoming frustrated will only result in burnout, and will reduce any chances of the project being finished on time and to a high standard.

It has been scientifically proven that even light amounts of exercise can lower stress levels, so make sure you take a break from your desk and have a walk around, even if it’s just around your office building. The change of scenery from a computer screen or paperwork will give your eyes a much-needed break and limit the chances of eye strain. If you can, make sure that you venture outside for a quick walk as the natural light and fresh air will give your mind a much needed rest and leave you feeling much fresher and rejuvenated. Make sure that you leave all electronic devices alone so that you can properly unplug for a few minutes and return to work with a new mindset.

Challenging work projects can be difficult to overcome, and you may feel like you are being crushed under the stress and pressure to complete your work on time. Don’t let your challenges get the best of you; make sure that you try these four tips for dealing with challenging projects in the workplace.

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