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Tips for overcoming the impostor syndrome


We know how it feels, but you are not alone. The impostor syndrome refers to the psychological pattern through which someone finds themselves in doubt of their hard-earned accomplishments. Often, this individual has an internalized, persistent fear of getting exposed or even being regarded as being a fraud. And all these happen despite all the imminent evidence of competencies and their deserving success. Individuals experiencing this psychological pattern often find themselves deeply convinced of being frauds – faking it all in a way, form or shape; and not deserving of their success or the place they are at.

Unsure if you suffer from the impostor syndrome, something that’s affecting way too many people around us? Well, do you feel unworthy of success? Do you think that your success is all out of luck or by deceiving others to think and believe that you are competent and smarter than you actually are? Are you afraid that someone will one day expose your faking? Do you struggle or even suffer from self-criticism and perfectionism? Do you have this constant pressure to be the ‘top achiever’ just to prove your worth to everyone else? Do you have an endless and an insatiable internal pressure to earn all manner of certificates and degrees?

Well, if you answer “YES” to any, most or all these questions, it means that you’re very likely suffering from impostor syndrome. Now, as mentioned above – you are not alone. Despite what your mind tells you, you may be a personal injury lawyer at Diamond and Diamond, an excellent doctor, a tax accountant, a great mom, a phenomenal engineer, and you are not a fraud.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking “if only it were that easy in my head,” right? Understandably, it’s tough. But, you can’t allow yourself to fall deep into the pit that makes you feel that you’re not worthy, regardless of the position you hold or the certificates you bag. We have a few tricks you could practice to feel better and to overcome this syndrome. They include:

Don’t criticize yourself

You will not feel worthy of anything if all you do is criticize yourself. Stop with the self-doubt. Instead, replace these with empowering thoughts. Whenever you feel the negative thoughts seeping through your mind, stop, then take a very deep breath and think a positive thought. Stop belittling yourself.

Master self-empowering/ positive affirmations

Affirmations are powerful, especially if used constantly. So, start with something as simple as “I deserve all this success, happiness, and the abundance. I have unique skills and talents that provide great value to others!” Remember that you are worthy and you are enough. Having these affirmations around the house or office will go a long way in making you feel great.

Journal your successes

You can overcome this syndrome by journaling about all your achievements and successes. Start with the small rewards, successes, and the achievements and train yourself to reflect on all the hard work you put into the certificated, the steps you took and the time/ money/ energy you spent. Journaling will make you realize that YOU made it all happen and that you are not faking anything.

Practice self-kindness

Since the syndrome arises from harbored feelings of unworthiness, it’s important that you change the narrative by showering yourself with love and kindness. Make self-love, self-compassion, and self-care an important task on your long to-do list. You deserve that bubble bath, detox tea, nourishing food, and a good relaxing book.

Finally, keep investing in yourself and learn to accept that you are very much worthy to receive everything you wish.

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