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4 key tips for women to get ahead in business


As a woman in business, the time has never been better to scale the corporate ladder and bust right on through any remaining glass ceiling. But women still face some obstacles that can feel tangible when you are trying to both advance your career and have a personal life.
Most women in business today state that discrimination in the workplace is still an obstacle standing in their way and the fact that half of their male colleagues agree with them is telling in its right.  Read this article and learn the key tips for getting ahead in business as a woman today.

1: Be a leader before you are a leader

Even if you are just starting your career in an entry level position, there are plenty of ways to exhibit your leadership potential. This holds true even if you are an introvert, and in fact, sometimes introverts end up being more successful in leadership because they often take more care to position themselves to play to their strengths.

According to Business News Daily, one effective way to establish your leadership abilities before you actually work in that capacity is to act as if equality already exists – between men and women in the workplace, between subordinates and executives, between work groups and job functions. This can also include fighting for equality where it clearly does not yet exist. By taking every opportunity to put yourself in positions of influence and visibility, you learn how to be a leader on the job each day until you actually land your first supervisory role.

2: Make it a habit to step outside of your comfort zone

According to Indianapolis Monthly, Angie Hicks was all set to settle into a comfortable, no-surprises career as an actuary when the opportunity came along to be a part of the start-up that now bears her name. As she tells it, there was very little about being part of the start-up effort that wouldn’t be outside her comfort zone. The most taxing challenge would be to go door to door selling subscriptions to the service.

Taking steps (or leaps) outside your comfort zone may make you feel uncomfortable. But it will also unveil hidden talents and interests you may never otherwise had the chance to see within yourself. No matter if we are talking about foreign language courses or weekend training via the BBT login, try to make the most out of your time by learning new things to help you in business. It will also impress your colleagues – male and female – by showing you are not afraid to take risks and be a trailblazer.

3: Become a strong negotiator

So often in the past, women have been relegated forcibly to subordinate positions both at home and in the workplace. But today, with so many barriers already overturned or in the process, the time is ripe to negotiate and advocate on your own behalf for what you want in your career and in life. Examples include negotiating for your salary and benefits, negotiating flex time hours for work/life balance and negotiating for the types of training, continuing education and work advancement opportunities you want.

The Huffington Post also points out that as a woman there are two key areas where women still don’t advocate nearly strongly enough on their own behalf – taking credit for their work contributions and supporting women in business throughout the company and industry.

4: Look outside the office for opportunities

This doesn’t mean going job hunting on the sly. Rather, it involves taking part in extra-curricular activities whenever possible, whether that be joining in for happy hours or opting in for after hours, attending networking breakfasts or participating in team building events. You can also take an extra effort by learning at home through courses such as an online MBA in Canada.

This is one of the best tips for getting ahead in business that is most frequently overlooked by women today. In many cases, it is building a relationship with colleagues outside of work that eventually results in new opportunities for leadership during work hours.

Whether your ultimate goal is to sit in the corner office, start your own enterprise, consult in your industry or something else, following these four tips can get you there. By being willing to put yourself forward, share your talents, mentor other women and do your best work, you can build your own dream career.

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