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4 reasons to ditch scepticism and embrace the standing desk


Standing desks have been one of the great office innovations of the past few years, and the once-weird-and-niche concept behind these sit stand desks seems to be taking the world by storm and cropping up more and more in the business world. But if you’re in a position to use, or acquire, a standing desk but feel like it’s all a bit too much of a gimmick for you, you should seriously reconsider. Here are some great reasons why you should try a standing desk.

They may save your life

What’s the most common pastime of office workers? If you answered “attending meetings”, “responding to emails”, or “making sales calls”, you’re wrong.

The most common pastime of office workers, all around the globe, is sitting. Sitting, sitting, and more sitting. And then when those same office workers get home, they likely sit some more in front of the TV or computer.

The issue is that sitting for extended periods of time has been shown to be absolutely destructive for overall health and wellbeing, with studies linking extended periods of sitting with a higher risk of dying from all causes.

Something as simple as alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day could potentially save your life. In other words, the standing desk may be a literal life-saver.

They can get you fit without you even noticing it

When you stand up and deal with a work assignment or think over an issue, you likely aren’t just standing perfectly still, rooted to one spot like a meditative statue. Much more likely, you find yourself shifting your balance from one foot to the other or pacing around as you consider the situation.

Though it may not seem like much, these small bursts of additional physical activity in your day can lead to truly dramatic increases in your metabolism and the amount of energy you expend daily.

If you have one of the most cutting edge standing desks — the ones that include a treadmill, as well — the entire effect will, of course, be even more dramatic.

They can inspire creative thinking

There’s a reason why so many famous writers, poets, philosophers, and even scientists loved to work standing up, or go for walks when puzzling out a problem, and it’s not because they were all suckers.

Any form of physical exercise — even something as seemingly trivial as standing at your desk and pacing around — will result in improved blood flow in the body and brain, not to mention the release of various hormones associated with alertness and the inspiration needed for unconventional ideas.

A standing desk, in other words, can boost your ability to think creatively.

They can boost your mood and productivity

If you find your energy and mood lagging at the office on a regular basis, and discover that you can’t make it through a full day without consuming at least a barrel of coffee, standing desks might help you out.

The same exercise-inspired cascade of hormones which lead to improved creativity will also lead to improved mood and productivity, particularly due to improved circulation and the release of feel-good endorphins.

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