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Top tips for women working abroad


Have you ever had the itch to travel but found yourself unsure how to make it economically feasible? Well, there is some good news with the rising prevalence of expatriates traveling to distant lands and working in a wide variety of career paths, ranging from doctors to farmers. It’s never been easier to travel and work abroad.

Some people may find themselves overwhelmed with the legality of working in another nation due to a sea of paperwork, applications, and the lengthy waiting process that most expats find themselves in.

Today we’re going to discuss the life of women working abroad how to successfully emulate this process to work for you:

Use a remittance service

Unfortunately, most households these days require supplemental income in order to maintain homeostasis and happiness for your family.

A working mother’s income is crucial for financial stability, and the dilemma is how to send wages overseas when it’s likely that your bank doesn’t have branches in the nation you’re living in.

Fortunately, remittance services such as Remitly make sending money back home to your family simple and quick without any large overhead costs.

Research different countries

Before beginning the journey of working in a different country, it would be highly recommended to research several countries in the event that your first pick falls through.

After you have a country in mind, it’s important to research the cultural differences and to which regard a culture holds upon women. Thankfully, there is a treasure trove of online message boards and articles on this topic to help reduce the majority of the guesswork by exchanging information and receiving advice from people who have been there and done that themselves.

Next is deciding how long you want to stay there and who you’ll be taking with you. It should be noted that most countries will require you to move yourself before you can bring your family with you due to the differences in visas and travel restrictions.

Seeking employment

This is often the most difficult and strenuous part of working abroad, mainly due to the fact that many nations have redacted their foreign worker policy is due recent geopolitical and global economic turnouts most nations find themselves in.

To make the search a little easier, embassies often have some form of occupation list that states what type of workers are needed in their country. Keep in mind that you must have employment lined up in the host nation for the country will grant you permission stay there for longer than a month or two at time.

Better yet, if you work for a company with international presence, you might consider applying for a position abroad; but if not there are a number of overseas job agencies that accept clients worldwide.

This process can be as simple as uploading your resume to a website, or as complicated as having to visit the country of your choice to get a taste and feel of the culture and to search for jobs and interview for a position before committing to move.

Applying for visas and work permits

The first step of this process would be to contact the embassies of the desired countries you wish to move to and speak with an advisor or specialist who can lend you some insight and answer any questions you might have about the country, working there, the cultures and customs, and the overall application process.

New employers may be of great help in applying for a visa, in some cases even sponsoring your application. You may consider reaching out to the new employers HR representative and see what your options are and what you will need to streamline the process for your visa and work permit. Once you get this step solved, you will be most likely interested in finding a workspace. Please take into consideration that decoration isn’t sufficient when it comes to comfort. Considering a strategic location is a crucial factor. If it is the case, you might find it interesting to look at office rental options in Paris to get inspired.

Although this process seems pretty simple, it can be quite complex. Before your visa application is submitted you’ll need to provide a medical exam provided by your doctor, proof of a conditional job offer, financials and tax information, and whichever forms of supporting documents the country in question requires.

Waiting for approval is often the longest and most difficult step in this process but once it’s approved, you may find yourself the new country sooner than you think.

Working abroad

Now that you have all of your ducks in a row, it’s time to make the move. It can be extremely menacing to move to and a new land and potentially temporarily leave your family behind, but once you have heard the beckoning call of adventure, it’s almost impossible not to answer it.

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