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HR tips to deal with worker compensation claims


A worker compensation claim can be extremely costly to a business and this is especially true if the wrong strategies are being used to handle these claims. For the majority of human resource managers, they understand the benefits that come along with worker’s compensation insurance. Here, we are taking you through some easy tips that you can follow on how to deal with worker compensation claims and how the input of a law firm can really help.

Ensure the claim is reported

If an employee does not submit an injury report, they will not have much chance of being compensated for it. What’s more, the quicker these claims are put through, the more likely employees are to receive adequate compensation. Have the claimant sign a medical release at the time of the injury.

Ensure supervisors are trained

Another great tip is to ensure that you have trained your supervisors on what to do should this situation arise under their supervision. You can pass on your knowledge to them and they will know exactly what to do when an injury occurs and they can establish if a claim is or is not valid. They can then direct any hurt employees to the correct individual and know when it is a good time for the employee to be returning to work. Furthermore, supervisors should also have up to date information on what the impact of worker’s compensation is and how any accidents in the workplace can be avoided.

Keep records of injuries

Any injury at work qualifies for an investigation and this must be done as soon as possible with all notes recorded. You should be trying to obtain facts about what happened and talk with any credible witnesses. While some employees could be guilty of filing a fraudulent complaint, it is important that you do not confront them on this and get the advice of local solicitors who can provide you with the legal advice that you require.

Ensure all parties are kept informed

During a worker’s compensation process, it is important that everyone is kept up to date, when the employee will get their benefits and other issues such as when they will be returning to work. This creates a positive culture in the workplace and everyone feels valued. You will also need to communicate with the claim representative.

It is important to form a strong partnership with your personal injury solicitor to make it easier for you all to stay on the same page. Often, updates happen over the phone, but if you feel that a face to face meeting will benefit you, make sure to research soliciting firms in your local area.

Different companies often operate in specific areas, for example firms like Roper James provide personal injury solicitors in Plymouth primarily. Obviously, finding solicitors in Plymouth, or another larger city will be easy in comparison to smaller areas, but this does not mean you wouldn’t be able to find a close firm to you, or a way to meet up face to face.

Avoid accidents at work

Of course, the easiest way to deal with workers compensation claims and injury solicitors is to ensure that no accidents and injuries happen in the work place to begin with. Create a safety orientated culture with a team who heads up the safety programs.

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