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Many entrepreneurs and business owners will agree that growth is a huge ambition one or all of us will share. Most of the time that growth will run in stages, starting from the locality, to national and then eventuality you may have a plan to go international. Expanding through to different countries enables you to get access to faster-growing economies, and allows you to not rely on a single market.

However, there is much to consider when it comes to expanding your business international. You have different languages to consider, different cultures and also restrictions when it comes to exporting. You may need to consider a local distributor when it comes to a contact in specific countries. However, with everything to consider it is completely possible to expand your business. Either by selling directly or by exporting directly for items to be sold in the country. It certainly won’t be easy to strategize, or certainly easy to implement, but it could be the growth opportunity you are looking for. One that could prove successful for your business.

Choose the market you sell to you carefully

Sometimes it’s worth considering the market and the country in which you want to trade in. This has much to do with the language barriers and also the restrictions in place with exporting. It is worth considering this choice carefully, especially if this is the first step into international business. You need to decide whether you want to consider selling directly or whether you need a local distributor. Both of which have their positive points in regards to your business growth, you just need to ensure that you make the right choice based on your business.

Consider how you will export

Another thing to consider would be how you will export and deliver items and products sold. Some businesses consider using the road, and a truck could be the ideal option. Whether you lease or decide to invest and buy one for the business is entirely up to you. However, you may need some advice on your options so you might want to visit a dealer today to find out where you stand. Other things to consider would be using national and international postage, but of course, this may depend on the size of parcels and also the time frame. Air freight is another option to consider. But, your main point would be to consider the financial aspect, which is the most important part of your business. After all, it needs to be a profitable venture in order to help your business grow.

Face to face business will always be important

If you decide on a local distributor for your product, then the best tip would be to meet these people face to face. In theory, these people are an extension of your business and could potentially be the face and point of contact for your business in that country. You need to be sure that you are confident in their ability. You will also want to see the facilities in which they will be trading out of, such as their warehouse and also their transport options available.

Advertise well

Growth is all about the right advertising campaign when it comes to the international part of your business. Social media is an excellent way to do this. It would be advisable to consider a social media strategy based on your international endeavour. From the point of international delivery to being about to reach a new audience in a different country. You may have to consider the different times to post content in order to match optimising times for that timezone. You could also consider advertising in the local press and on the television. This could open up an order bank for you to enable to justify the next step into international business.

Think of the after sales side of things

It isn’t always just about the initial sale, it can be about the after sales experience as well. There is the customer service side of things to consider, who would they contact and how? You also need to think about any warranty you supply and how those items could be fixed under your terms and conditions of the sale. Sometimes things like software require an ongoing relationship of support in order for installation or advice, you need to consider the best course of action for this. All of these questions will need answers to ensure you uphold any reputation you may have.

Think about the contract you put in place

Contracts will all depend on the type of option for international growth that you consider. However, a local distributor option could mean that a viable contract will need to be put in place in order for it to work. Many distributors have other companies on their books, so you will want to ensure that your product gets the attention it deserves. Other contracts to consider would be with the countries themselves in order to have regulations in place for exporting and delivering products into their country.

Check back on the process regularly

It isn’t just a case of deciding to grow your business internationally and then letting it happen. The growth will need you to check on the process periodically. That might mean checking up on logistics and timings when it comes to deliveries. Also the cost of this and the profit margins you have. You also need to have ways of checking up on local distributors to ensure that they are getting the sales and again that this option is viable financially for both you and the distributor. Planning is key and checking back on your growth, and the process will ensure you can plan ahead for future growth. This is so that demand doesn’t take you by surprise and you can meet the demands that could be placed on you.

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