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5 Top rewards for the busy working mother


So, have you been working hard all week? Are you about to dive face first into a packed week and need some motivation? Well, no worries. What we have here is a list of rewards that you can treat yourself at any time when you’re done working. Enjoy!

1. Sitting down with a good book

It is not strange to have this as our first reward; it is quite a common one, after all. The reason it’s a favorite because as much as it is a physical reward, it is also a mental reward. When you curl up on your couch with a hot cup of coffee and a lovely book, not only are you relaxing your body from constant labor, you’re also feeding your mind and engaging your imagination. No matter how old you are, nothing beats an activity that lets loose your imagination.

2. A night out with the girls

If you’ve had a stressful week, working in the morning, taking care of the kids at night, and barely squeezing in a couple of friendly phone calls, a night out should be a perfect reward. Leave the kids at home with your other half, wear a fancy dress and go out with your friends. Feel free to treat yourself to a couple of drinks, or a fancy meal. Just as long as you catch up with your friends, unwind and have a good time.

3. Top notch skin treatment

Going out is not your thing? Well, don’t worry. You can always pamper yourself with one amazing skin treatment. If you are one of those people who wish to have radiant flawless skin, don’t let time pass you by without doing anything about it. Recognize that you’ve been working long and hard, schedule an appointment and get that glow back.

4. Netflix and chill

Remember a time when you used to watch your favorite shows non-stop? They were good times, no doubt. We know that work always gets the priority over relaxation but, maybe for a reward, you can take one day off. Just gather a bunch of snacks, drinks, and water; because hydration is very important, pick out a show and binge-watch until you start confusing between real life and television.

5. Breakfast date

If you’re not a night owl, why not go out for breakfast instead? Maybe you can ask your life partner out on a breakfast date at that place that makes heavenly crêpes. You can pretend that it’s your first date and pretend to be awkward around each other, or even share the top funniest things you caught your kids doing.

A few final words

We get that work is important, and so is family. However, this doesn’t mean that you neglect yourself or overwork yourself to death. If you do so, you’ll burn out eventually. This is why you need to take breaks and actively reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve been doing. Lastly, if you feel like you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell your partner. They’re there for you, and they’ll always be there to support you.

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