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Use the right words to help develop business networking opportunities


Words. They matter. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Here’s why

They are the only way you get your message across to the right person, and in terms of business this is important. This is how you sell your product; this is how you promote your service. Heck, it’s how you obtain a client base, a payroll and a profit.

Yet, we use our words loosely and we use them unconsciously. We use them frivolously and without care. Why are we taking such a HUGE risk on something that is so important in creating profitable success? Why are we saying things without considering potential purpose? Where is this language leading us? Why am I asking so many repetitive, alliterated questions?

One thing is for sure, it is highly likely that if you take the time to understand your message, and use the right words to do so, you will benefit by not only establishing strong networks but also by increasing business profit, and at the end of the day that’s one of the biggest reasons why you’ve taken the time to read this article.

Here is a list of my top THREE words that you can use in business to help establish trusting and strong professional relationships, successfully communicate your message, and avoid any misunderstandings.

These words are worth their weight in gold. Use them wisely.

1. Because

The most powerful word of them all. When you are working with sensitive issues, trying to get your point across, or trying to sell a product you NEED ‘because’. ‘Because’ is the bridge from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. ‘Because’ is the simple word that leads to signed, sealed, delivered. This is BECAUSE you are providing a lead to a permanent and strong example that, with every hope, cannot be argued or rebutted. (See what I did there?)

‘Because’ gives you the opportunity to explain your idea, explain yourself and explain your thoughts. ‘This is because…’ is a great way to cement your proposal and leave an impression on any potential client or customer that has not yet made up their mind. ‘ Because’ allows you to passively maintain control of a conversation while being able to strongly get your point across.

Are you making the most of ‘because’?

2. How

‘How’ is a strong, emotive word that can be used to combat potential disagreements, as well as help to build the foundation of business ideas and partnerships.

‘HOW can I help?’ ,  ‘HOW do you feel?’,  HOW can I show you that using the word ‘HOW’ automatically causes you to think, rather than react?

‘HOW’ buys you time to rest, recover and move on, and does this by allowing people to work together.

It is a great word to use during negotiations, and is a great word to use when working to understand the personality type of potential clients and business partners.

3. You

You’ is the word that helps bring the focus back to your client/customer/partner/colleague. It helps them to understand that they are part of this decision, conversation and idea, and that they matter.  How do YOU feel when someone shows they trust your ideas, and appreciate your hard work? Do YOU try harder? Do YOU put in an extra 5% because YOU know that people appreciate what YOU do?

‘YOU’ is the word that, if used correctly, can instinctively trigger innovative ideas that lead to creative success.  The benefits of using ‘you’ correctly are immeasurable. This is because it can ignite a creative spark in employees, encourage participation from colleagues and seal the deal with clients. Appreciate ‘YOU’, and appreciate ‘YOU’ now!

The most simple of words can change a ‘No’ to a ‘Hell Yes’. They can help you create your brand, strengthen your image and undeniably increase business awareness and profit.

It is an investment that doesn’t cost a single cent. So, how will you use YOUR words?

About Natalie Scanlon

Natalie Scanlon is the Founding Director of Written Communications, an International writing company that specialises in writing professional documents for both businesses and individuals. Natalie wanted to establish a business that incorporated the written word while helping others to communicate both precisely and effectively. With a background in journalism, negotiation and law, Natalie’s experience and knowledge fuse together to create a strong foundation for a communications empire.

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