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How to use a smartwatch to reduce stress at work


With every generation, we experience a technological revolution that changes the way our society operates. The latest example is the smartwatch, wearable tech that pulls triple duty as a fashionable accessory, business tool, and health care check. Discover how your smartwatch can reduce stress, help you set fitness goals, and lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Get a big-picture view of your overall health

Even the most health-conscious professionals can lose track of good fitness habits. The S Health app gives you an overview of your lifestyle and level of activity with different metrics and assessments.

You can monitor your sleep, food intake, weight, stress levels, and exercise with  this one device. The app gives you a ranking between one and 100 that paints a picture of your lifestyle and where you may need to improve.

Collect enterprise data to improve workplace performance

If you were able to collect objective data giving you insight on your employees’ working patterns, you’d be a step ahead of the competition. Indeed, smartwatches can reduce stress, improve working hours, and allow varied working locations.

Be sure to give clear rules on how the data gets used, shared, and acquired to build trust among your employees. Manage the enterprise data properly so that you can motivate your employees in innovative and powerful ways.

Monitor your stress levels at their highest moments

If you knew how to anticipate stress triggers that impact your work performance and general happiness, what would you do? Work-related stress costs employers and employees alike an estimated $228 billion a year. This workplace stress could be alleviated with technology that monitors work-related stress and brings it to our attention before it can impact our lives.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have a heart rate sensor that monitors your heart rate, collects the data, and gives you a report on your heart rate activity. This data is crucial for understanding your stress triggers and any irregular heart rate activity before it becomes a serious issue. If you’re using your smartwatch on a network like T-Mobile’s, for example, you can sync the data you’ve collected to your other devices using T-Mobile’s fast 4G LTE network.

The built-in heart rate monitor acts as a free health screening device, saving you a trip to the doctor if you know how to effectively manage the personal data.

Improve workplace management

Smartwatches represent a new relationship between businesses and technology. If you’re an executive, entrepreneur, or in a leadership position at your company, your digital customer experience will benefit.

A Samsung Gear S2 can sync with your other workplace devices or act as a stand-alone device that can carry out a number of tasks for running the digital side of your business:

  • Applications for lead generation, customer engagement, and service purposes
  • Mobile connection for syncing multiple devices
  • Payment monitoring and processing
  • Social media marketing tasks
  • Geofencing for connecting with customers at the point of a sale
  • Push notifications that allow you to trigger actions for customer engagement
  • Gamification for customer influence
  • Email marketing and notifications
  • Calendar appointment forwarding to your smartwatch

The uses and features are endless. If you can streamline your business tasks, you can optimize your performance. In the event that something in your cache of technology doesn’t work as planned, your smartwatch acts as a backup.

Cut down on task times

According to a 2014 case study, smartwatches can cut task times down to 30 seconds if used properly. This study includes comparable data for the time it takes to complete the same tasks on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets.

With a smartwatch, notifications get delivered right to your wrist. Everyday office elements such as emails, scheduling, and phone calls can be within an arm’s reach, and your smartwatch can record information at an alert’s notice, making GPS voice guidance and multitasking possible.

Many professionals are unclear about the practical uses of a smartwatch, but if you understand its functions as a stress-monitoring tool, you can measurably improve your business and personal life.

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