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3 Easy ways to create an emotional bond with your customers


It’s estimated that in just two short years, 85% of our consumer experiences will be managed online without face to face contact. There is unmeasurable benefit to this, such as convenience and selection, but there’s also something vital that’s missing from the experience. Human interaction.

We’re biologically driven to interact with others and form emotional connections. The time we’re spending in front of our screens makes this more difficult to achieve. But, just because you’re not engaging face to face doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to connect emotionally with your customers

In a world filled with competition, it’s often emotion that makes your brand irreplaceable in the consumer’s mind. So, where can you find these opportunities to emotionally connect with your customers? Here are 3 easy ways of encouraging this vital connection.

Tell a story

Good marketing makes consumers more aware of your brand name. But, great marketing – it creates a lasting impression that leaves your brand lingering on their minds. To accomplish this you need a strategy to create an emotional connection, and storytelling is one of the most effective ways of making this happen.

Think about it. How long are you going to remain interested in a book if it doesn’t speak to you emotionally. Writers have known this for centuries, and there’s a lot that we can learn from them.

The goal is to dig deep into your brand’s story and find a way to connect it to your customers. Make them feel like they’re sharing in your growth journey by tapping into emotional touchpoints with content.

For example, a local pet grooming service could highlight their commitment to local animal shelters in the community and give special thanks to the people who work in the shelters and those who adopt the animals. Or, as a local hairstylist you could promote before and after images of people in the community along with your mission to help your neighbors feel better about themselves.

Both strategies allow the consumer to visualize their place in your brand.

Tap into the right emotions

Sharing and engaging on social media is a very emotional process. In marketing, there are 6 emotions that prompt increased engagement. These emotions include happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust and fear. While these emotions are key to building a connection with your audience, choosing the right one is crucial.

Think about the core emotion that connects you with your customers. For example, if you’re in the insurance industry, your content strategy might focus on the happiness of buying a home or welcoming a new addition into your family. You might also appeal to the fear of being financially unprepared in the face of disaster.

These are type of emotions that work for the industry’s target customers where anger and disgust wouldn’t produce the same results.

Have a face

We’re not talking about putting your personal image on your website, although that doesn’t hurt. What we are talking about here is building a persona for yourself by being more than just another typical business.

Customers remember brands that step outside of the norm and reach beyond standard expectations.

The willingness to help is huge for building a brand persona. Helping shows that you have your customer’s best interests at heart and highlights your expertise without being showy.

Say that a local business is trying to help a customer with a very specific need. They know that they offer services that will be of some help, but they also know that this customer’s needs extend beyond their current scope. This is a scenario that’s full of calculated risks.

The business could go forth and do the best they could, which might leave the customer disappointed in their service. Or, they could recommend another business that they know would meet the customers needs. The question here isn’t what the business should do, but what would a trusted friend do?

By respecting the customers time and money, this business has instantly earned their respect and future business because the customer now feels an emotional connection to the brand.

Appealing to your audience on an emotional level crystalizes your brand voice and creates the type of long term relationships that contribute to success. What are your strategies for building an emotional connection with your customers with your current marketing strategy?

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