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3 Ways to live life to the fullest


The whirlpool of work often draws us into doing more and more without stopping, almost like robots, which doesn’t allow us to feel fulfilled in our life and businesses.

Workaholics obsess over their work as if it were a drug. It makes them feel “something”, which can be destructive and take from other parts of their life.

Sound familiar? In the past, I chose to fill the empty spaces in my life with drugs and partying. That was the best I could do at the time. Notice something about what I just said? In case you didn’t: I didn’t judge myself.

How often do we judge ourselves for the choices we make? Be it in business, with family, our partners, kids, employees, our body, the list goes on. How much do we judge others for the choices they make that affect us?

We believe that if we judge ourselves, things will improve. It’s what we learned at school: judge yourself and you will improve. But the truth is, it doesn’t work in school or in life. And you are probably still judging yourself in the same terrible way you started doing at school.

The judgement (which is a lie…) is like a glue that holds together the situations, behaviours, thoughts and emotions in our life that have gotten stuck and are difficult to turn around, while we hold on to that judgement.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know you might not be completely satisfied with your experience as a businesswoman or entrepreneur. Maybe you feel something is missing or holding you back. Or that no matter how much you do, you don’t achieve everything you want to achieve or know you could achieve. This is because you have one or more points of view in your mind that stop you from getting out of the rut that gives you the same result over and over.

If you to make some changes to help empower you in business and in life, here are some tips to help you get started.

First of all, stop judging the thing you want to change.

For years, I tried to leave the world of drugs without success, because I judged every choice that I made, which created more unrest in my life and trapped me in that area. When I stopped judging, I was able to leave it behind more easily. It’s the same when you’re addicted to work, junk food, failure, or not having money. A vital tool that you can use here to break the hold that judgements have over you is “Interesting Point of View”.

Say this after each point of view that comes to you about what you want to change. For example: You think “I can’t leave this job” or “I can’t succeed without this client”; and then you add “interesting point of view that I have this point of view”. After repeating this several times about the same point of view, you will notice that the “weight” of this thought will lessen and will stop affecting you completely. I know it sounds strange, but you won’t find out what it can do for you until you try it for yourself.

Second, invite new possibilities.

While I was judging myself for my drug addiction and partying, all I was doing was repeating the same activities over and over, week after week. When I stopped judging myself for doing this, I started inviting new possibilities into my life, like hiking in the mountains, making new friends, learning new things and exploring new activities like Pilates and meditation. How do you invite new possibilities into your life? By asking questions without looking for the correct answer. These can be considered open questions and they are mental dynamite. They destroy mental walls and barriers, opening up space to incorporate the new, which we often don’t even consider. Some great questions you can try asking yourself are; “What can I add to my life that would make it super fun to live?” “Who can I talk to today that will make my business operations easier and more fun?” “Who can help me today?” “Who can I help today?” “How could today be the most fun and rewarding day of my life?”

Thirdly, receive from who you already are and what you do.

We often live with the “I have to be my best version” program in our heads. But we can’t create or receive more from what we do now. For example, if you’re creating situations where your business is not financially secure, or you’re working until you’re exhausted, and judge or mistreat yourself because of it, you should ask, “what am I trying to achieve with this?”

Yes, it’s true we’re supposed to call out ourselves on our bad habits, but if life has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is intrinsically good or bad. You can learn something and good can come from those ‘terrible’ habits or situations. Perhaps you like the adrenalin or challenge of not having money or just having enough. This is where your own knowledge comes into play. No one can give you the answer, that is up to you.

It’s also up to you to work out what you’re trying to achieve. What I can leave you with, is these questions: “What gives me that something that nothing else does or even could do?” “What else could the thing that I’m searching for give me or how could it help me?” These contemplative questions will help you uncover those bad habits, their root cause and the real reason you’re stuck in a cycle of repeating them. They will also help you find the answer to how you can liberate yourself from those bad habits, or maybe even learn to transform them into an advantage.

These simple tools will help you achieve results that exceed what you think is possible in your life and in your business. Is it time for your life to be easier, more fun and simple? Ultimately the key to empowering your life and business starts with your willingness to change and seek out other possibilities.

About Mariano Godoy'

Mariano Godoy is a native of Buenos Aires Argentina, moving to Spain during his childhood after the loss of his father in the midst of military dictatorship. After a turbulent childhood and confronted with a serious skin disease at age 21, Mariano became interested in techniques of spirituality and natural therapies such as Reiki and Kinesiology. Today Mariano is a promoter of consciousness, change and personal empowerment. He is the first Access Consciousness Facilitator in Spain, specialising in Right Voice for You classes, where he has taught others ways to relieve stress and anxiety, build a successful business, generate more money and have more ease in your relationships, to name a few.

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