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4 Ways to tackle the status quo as a black woman in business


There are thousands of passionate black woman-owned businesses currently on the market that are truly bringing upon a revolution to the way we do business. Passionate black woman entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the opportunities this economy presents and it shows.

Black female business owners are dipping their toes in every industry from health and beauty to the fashion industry and they’re truly reshaping the way business is done. Here are four ways you can tackle the status quo as a black woman in business.

Be inventive

Black women everywhere are getting creative with their savvy business models. They’re thinking outside of the box and introducing compelling products to the market that no one has seen before. From inventive hair products that cut hair care time down by hours to innovative tech applications, black women are bringing new insights to every market.

Some of these products have never been seen before so we’re seeing an influx in black women seeking out patents. Although women are still a large minority when it comes to seeking out patents, over the past 30 years the number of patents that name at least one female inventor has grown an impressive 14%. Even in just the US alone, African American men still patent at a rate of 2.6 times higher than African American women, but things are on the uptrend for African American women.

We’re seeing black women break down barriers everywhere and in order to be successful as a black woman in business, you have to take this jump too. Black women are taking their dreams and knowledge and transforming them into trailblazing success. To own a patent for a product of any kind is an inspiration to women everywhere trying to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

This passion seen from inventive black women is something that can inspire us all. A piece of advice to women looking to become trailblazers and inventors is to find what makes you special and your strengths and run with it!

If you see a gap in the market, go after it

There are endless gaps within the current market that black women are recognizing as business opportunities. For example, traditionally, markets such as the beauty and lingerie industry, have not been entirely inclusive to black women. Generally, it’s difficult for black women to find a shade of foundation to match their skin tone or a proper nude bra that is fit for their skin color. Black women have even resorted to dying traditionally nude bras with makeup to bring them closer to their skin color.

Black women have grown up with these struggles and are now seeing this gap as an opportunity to bring their ideas to the market. Strong black females are introducing inclusive lingerie, shapewear, makeup, clothing, and more creating a market that is finally giving women of all shapes and colors the products they need. Many female black business owners are pulling on their years of frustration to single-handedly introduce to the market a wide range of options so that women of color can feel comfortable in their own skin.

These market gaps are tearing down the traditional image of beauty. Beauty now comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The traditionally accepted opinion that “nude” is light skin, is not the general consensus anymore. Nude is any colored skin from the whitest to darkest tones.

If your community is not being properly catered to in the current market, go out and fix that. Create a product that serves not only the majority but every person on the planet no matter the color of their skin. If you see a gap in the market, run with it.

Don’t be afraid to pull on your culture & upbringing for inspiration

When a company chooses to embrace their culture and upbringing, it accomplishes something not often seen in the mainstream. By embracing black culture and diversity, black female business owners are making their peers proud of where they came from.

More and more black women are sharing their culture with the world. Whether it’s creating a business around traditional headwraps or embracing their beautiful natural hair, black female business owners are telling stories of their childhood and upbringing.

By pulling on your culture as a new business owner, you can inspire your customers to live every day boldly. Your business model will resonate on a deeper, more personal level than ever seen before. Relatability and authenticity are key to a successful business and by incorporating culture and upbringing into your business model, you can do just that.

Culturally driven business models can inspire black women to live boldly and take control of their paths. Young black female entrepreneurs can tackle the status quo by embracing their roots with a successful business model. Be brave, opinionated, and strong in your everyday life and let that bleed into your business success.

Think organic and natural

The organic trend is here to stay. And black business owners are entering the market with innovative business models catered to black women.

We’re seeing an influx of all-natural hair care products that are as effective as ever. Hypoallergenic, vegan, chemical-free nail polishes and other similar products are helping black women live a more organic lifestyle.

Harsh chemicals and toxins found in standard products are on their way out, paving the way for hypoallergenic, toxin-free, and vegan-friendly products. Safe ingredients are all the rave right now and black businesswomen are breaking down the status quo by introducing unique brands to the market.

The market is saturated with chemical-filled products and it’s time for natural products to shine. The status quo states that we should take what the beauty industry gives us, but black women are challenging this standard by providing safer solutions for women everywhere.

Entrepreneurs are taking a stand and stating that they don’t have to accept the standard. If you’re a young black female entrepreneur, follow by this example and don’t be afraid to fix things if they’re not how they should be.

As a black female entrepreneur, it’s time to say goodbye to the status quo. Tackle the status quo and introduce innovative, creative products to the market. We hope you can take some of this fire and throw it into your business strategy! Best of luck!

About Angelica Nwandu'

Angelica Nwandu is the founder of The Shade Room, a site that covers celebrity news and celebrates black culture. She was named as one of Forbes "30 under 30" in 2016 and has created a media company that inspired Refinery 29 to dub Nwandu "the Oprah of our generation.”

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