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What the best gig economy apps have in common


The gig economy is a free market sector wherein freelancers and part-time employees aim to get into temporary positions provided by business organizations. Gig employees may include independent contractors and project-based workers.

Use the best gig economy apps to help you land the right jobs. Here are five excellent features you’ll find in reliable gig apps.

  1. Filter search

Many gig employees look for specific jobs, like freelance writing or social media post sharing. Searching through dozens or hundreds of gigs might be time-consuming. The best gig economy apps use filtered search to help you find the right contacts without scrolling through mounds of irrelevant job offers.

Aside from a filter search function, reliable gig apps might also separate jobs with varying categories, which means finding different gigs in groups, like:

  • Home cleaning services
  • Taxi drivers
  • Digital marketing services
  • Content writing
  • Handyman jobs

You may also find location filters, so you’ll only find gigs available in your area. It might become disappointing to see specific job offers with excellent benefits, only for you to find out that it’s only available in another city or country.

Start your search for the best gig apps by visiting online lists. Consider checking out Shiftpixy gig apps for excellent options.

  1. Security

Various gig economy apps allow you to input different pieces of personal information to help you land your ideal job. The best gig apps ensure its users that none of the data placed by users will leak from the app developers’ servers.

Data security is important for gig economy apps. Specific apps might even require you to provide an ID picture when individual employers need additional verification procedures for potential hires. After all, identity theft is real, and it may become a scary thought if someone tries to use your identification for personal gain.

Aim to use well-known gig economy apps to help ensure your information is in safe hands. Check online forums and user feedback to see if any data leaks took place from the app developers’ side.

  1. Intuitive user interface

Finding the right gigs using a mobile app mustn’t be a challenging endeavor. Scrolling through various available job offers should be as straightforward as possible to help benefit both employee and employer.

The best gig economy apps must use intuitive user interfaces that allow its users to navigate through other features with ease. For example, you might be looking for clients using a freelance translator gig app. That specific mobile application might allow you to see your current earnings with one tap. Also, it should allow you to withdraw the income you earned with easy-to-use portals.

  1. Specific features

You may find gig economy apps that cater to a specific job category. As mentioned earlier, you may find temporary jobs in various groups. So, it might not be a surprise to see gig apps that cater to specific sectors.

Furthermore, these individual gig apps might have distinct features to cater to temp employees. For example, you might be a dog sitter or walker. Use the best gig app that allows you to search for clients looking for your services in your area. You might even search for specific parameters to help you land the right clientele.

For instance, consider searching for large dog owners. Conversely, you might aim to find dog owners looking for temps to walk their five puppies.

  1. Information transparency

You should always know what you’re getting into when you’re using gig economy apps. The best apps know and adhere to information transparency. App developers observe this rule to let users know their information is always secure.

Other pieces of information should also be available to the public. Examples of shareable data may include:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Current and potential earnings
  • Gig offers
  • Fees
  • Developer contact information

If you think the gig app you’re using doesn’t share relevant and vital data, it might be time to use other apps. Otherwise, you may also bring any concerns to the app developers if you think you need more information on using their applications.


Remember, you’re going to use effort and time in searching for the best side hustle that’s fit for your skills and talents. It might be advisable to use the best gig apps to help you use the right features.

In doing so, you make use of proper client communications to help you gain success in the short- or long-term.

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