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Outsource software development: Why it makes sense for businesses


Outsourcing is a practice that is dominant in the present day. More and more companies are opting to outsource software development functions.

For those that are unaware, outsourcing is simply the process of obtaining a service or goods by contract from an outside supplier. In this post, we will take a look at the benefits of when you outsource software development specifically.

Outsource software development: Why it makes sense for businesses

Read on to discover the reasons why it is a good idea for start-ups to outsource software development…

Outsource software development to save money

First and foremost, one of the main reasons why companies elect to outsource software development is for the purpose of cutting project costs. This is particularly beneficial for start-ups, as most undoubtedly have a tight budget. So, how will you be able to reap the rewards of cheaper costs?

Well, if you outsource to a company in a different country you will be able to reap the rewards of cheaper services and labour without suffering a lack of quality. There are several countries that boast talented pools of programmers yet at a more affordable rate. This is highly appealing to start-ups.

Nonetheless, the monetary benefits do not end there. You will also reap the rewards of lower operating costs. You will not need to buy and maintain any necessary equipment for software development. Moreover, you will save a significant degree of money on training. It costs a lot of money to get your employees trained and to buy everything required in order to develop software.

This can be too much of a financial strain for start-ups, which are already facing a significant degree of set-up costs. These savings can be enormous, and as a result, you will have the opportunity to stay competitive when facing other larger enterprises in your industry.

If you want to build your team for cheaper without compromising on talent or quality, consider offshore PHP development. With offshore development firm, TurnKey Labs, not only can you grow a talented team for less, but you’ll also save time spent on recruitment tasks to spend on what you do best – growing your business.

Outsource software development to save time

Aside from this, another key advantage in relation to outsourcing software development is the fact that your company will have more time to focus on what makes you money. You can concentrate on the high-level tasks that you have the skills for.  For example, let’s say you’re in charge of a female owned manufacturing business, this allows your business to be much more efficient and productive in designing and developing the products.

Or, on the other hand, you may choose to use this time to develop another side of your business. Your company’s personnel have the opportunity to embrace self-education, seminars, training, and such like – which can only be good for your team.

Furthermore, when it comes to time, this is not the only benefit you will reap. You should also consider the fact that you are likely to benefit from much less production time. The company you outsource this project to will be able to focus on the task at hand specifically. It is unlikely that you would be able to dedicate as much time and resources to the software development process as they would. Therefore, you can expect to reap the rewards of your software a lot sooner than expected.

Moreover, you should consider how long it would take for you to train your employees before they would actually be ready for software development. There is no time to waste in the modern-day. Every day you spend on training your employees is a day you are falling further and further behind your competitors. Not to mention, if you were to hire more skilled personnel you may quicken the process up, but you would face extortionate costs as a result. Thus, the only solution that seems viable to most start-ups is to outsource.

Outsource software development to tap into a bigger skills base

In addition to this, you of course have the benefit that you will be able to take advantage of an exceptional range of skills. You can find a company that has a top standard team of software developers. Moreover, you will be able to gain from the skills you lack but will require to complete separate project sections.

A prime example of this would be if the client requires some piece of software coded in a specific technology, however, they do not have qualified specialists in this area. Instead of hiring new personnel, which is costly and timely, you can outsource a company that has all of the skills you require. Simple and successful!

Advantage of different time zones when you outsource software development

If you decide to outsource software development and do so offshore, one negative factor you may be worried about is the time difference. However, this is something that can actually be used to your advantage, rather than being considered as a negative factor. Let’s say you are outsourcing to a company that is five hours behind.

You can send across your brief or your requirements and they will be ready for them when they get to their desk. Having a time difference is not always doom and gloom. It can prove to be highly beneficial and much more convenient than you would imagine.

Support when you outsource software development

Aside from the points that have already been mentioned, you should also consider the fact that you are always going to have the support you require in relation to software development. What would happen if you trained your employees with the necessary skills and then you hit a stumbling block?

You would have to pay for outside help – further delaying the process and enhancing the costs. However, you do not need to be concerned about this when you outsource software development. It is up to the provider to ensure they deal with whatever issues. Moreover, as they expertise in software development, the chances of something going wrong are minimal. However, there are always going to be teething problems for those that have merely just been trained in the area.


When you take everything into account, it is really not difficult to see why outsourcing software development comes so highly recommended. However, this is not a decision you should rush into. You need to choose a company with a great amount of care. For outsourcing to be successful you need to build a relationship with the company that is built on strong communication. You also need to have a long term focus and vision; this is the only way to guarantee that there is a high success ratio and indeed a substantial return on investment (ROI).

If you do not believe you have the skills necessary to choose the best provider, this is where a value-added marketplace comes into place. Use the help that is provided by professionals to choose the best company for you. By doing this, you can be certain that you will make the right decision.

You will choose a provider that has the best skills in relation to your project, as well as the capability to handle your software development to the standard you desire and the deadline you have in mind. If you make a bad decision in relation to choosing a service provider, you will be fighting a losing battle from day one.

So there you have it, all you need to know about the benefits of outsourcing software development. Not only will you be able to reduce your costs significantly, but you will also reap the rewards of better skills, better equipment and less production time. This all works to guarantee that your start-up is competitive, even against the large players in your industry.

Nonetheless, you will only reap all of these advantages if you choose a provider with care to outsource software development. Assess your options diligently before you make your decision.

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