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Why Ronda Rousey’s brand stumbled 


What is a brand? Sure it’s the name of a business or product, and also the logo you use to represent that. But a brand is much, much more than just a name and a logo. A brand — that is, a successful, enduring brand — requires 4 key elements:

1.     Your passions

2.     Your attitude

3.     Your purpose

4.     Your values/beliefs

Most successful brands in the public eye have a great attitude. They are positive, strong and people flock to what they have on offer. A good example of this is Ronda Rousey. Her attitude on not being a “do nothing bitch” resonated and inspired women across the globe.

Next is passion. A good brand is passionate about what they do and it is projected in all they produce. Through ambassadors, their social media and all they do, the brand oozes intensity and passion. Ronda Rousey is definitely one of the most passionate women in sport. Even during training you’ll see her go above and beyond — because she is living what she loves.

However, the two key areas in which you will find brands stumble are the third and fourth above: their purpose and their core values. In the case of Ronda Rousey, her brand was at the top of its game when it came to passion and attitude.  But when she lost to Holy Holm, the aftermath is an example of a brand that struggled to have a long term purpose and a strong core. Rhonda was quoted saying (on Ellen) “if I’m not this then what am I?”

This shows that Rhonda hadn’t planned a life (brand) past being a UFC Champion. If she had a long term vision for being more than a fighter, there would have been hope for her — and possibly the loss would have pushed her into the next phase of her brand.

This statement also shows that her entire core belief/value was based on being “the champion”. When someone designs their brand, step one is the identification of who they are “if everything else is taken away from them”. So, if you lose when you’re a champion or you’re bankrupt after being a millionaire — what gets you up again the next day?

What Ronda Rousey experienced is very common and should highlight the need to have all components of your brand established; to ensure you have a solid foundation to fall back on that will allow you to reinvent yourself if required.

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