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Why you need to be on Instagram


Think Instagram is all about posting photos of cats, food and selfies? Think again. Instagram has turned into a crucial business tool — so important that Facebook recently bought it.

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media brand, and they’ve snapped up Instagram because they can see its potential for business, and its potential to grow its audience. So you should start using Instagram for your own business now, and be ready to ride that wave.

Here’s why you need to be on Instagram and of course how …


Not only is one picture allegedly worth a thousand words, but images speak to people much more quickly than words. And images — while they can’t contain all your marketing information — can be a crucial entry point to get people to read your words

It’s easy

The interface is simple, and your content is limited only by your imagination. How to work out what kind of content or images will engage your audience? Work out what engages you… and then work from there.

Practice campaign

Check out what others are doing, set up a practice campaign, experiment, check results, experiment some more.  Make sure you are clear on what your business goals are, and tailor your campaign and content to fit them. For instance, you may decide you want to raise your brand’s profile, or increase traffic to your website, or grow sales.

When and how often to post

Trial and error is what works best to determine how to best engage the audience you are trying to reach. Along with your practice campaign, try posting at different times of day, and different frequencies per day… the results will give you an indication of what is resonating with your audience – and you can refine from there.

Setting up

Instagram is a free app that works on most mobile platforms. Download it, set up your username … which should match your company brand or your profile name on other social media for better cross-exposure. Add a short bio or ‘about us’ if you are promoting a company, and always add the optional url – this could go to your home page, a profile page, a product page if you are selling items or services, or even a competition page.

High quality posts

Keep in mind that Instagram is largely a ‘mobile device’ platform, so you should enhance your photos to make them look as good as possible on a small screen. Make sure you have great, high-quality images to start with, and then crop them to improve the composition – and play with filters if you wish (but keep it minimal… the over-filtered post is a tired cliché these days).

Location tags and hashtags help people find your images when they are searching on those terms.  Use short but engaging captions … and if you have some experience with Twitter, you’re well on your way to being skilled with that.

So get posting!

Instagram Infographic

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