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Women in tech: All set to create a new world order


2017 kicked-off on a promising note, with some good expectations from several industry verticals especially the IT companies that were lifted up by technological inventions. It seems that anything is very much possible with determination and resources at hand, be it under a man or woman’s leadership.

Now when one talks about ‘women in tech’. We are bound to envision a senior or high profile woman figure like Marissa Mayer (President and CEO, Yahoo!) or Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook). Despite countless campaigns intended to improve the diversity in tech sector, unfortunately our perception of woman in tech remains narrow.

Contrary to the common notion, women are already breaking the wall that once obstructed their way and are now confidently standing next to their male counterparts especially in the tech industry and are delivering incredible results. Yes, it’s 21st century and it is perfectly normal to witness women enjoying flourishing careers in the technology sector not only in VPS, telecommunication and IT sectors, but are also increasingly taking up big roles in some of the renowned industry giants.

‘Women in tech’ isn’t about being employed by some industry giant

Women are not only equaling men in the tech world, but are also breaking the archaic stereotype: “if it’s IT, then it has to be some tech giant”. Yes, their growing dominance in the tech sector is the biggest evidence that tech-related careers are not only a man’s sport rendering tech industry the image of a more-approachable and compassionate ecosystem. This is the reason we are seeing a wave of young women empowering businesses operating in the tech sector be it a startup, small or medium enterprise.

Irrespective of whatever people may wrongly believe or perceive, women are proving out to be the backbone for a number of booming IT enterprises across the globe. In fact, an increasing number of women in tech are exhibiting excellent multitasking abilities. Talk about developers, programmers, designers, coders, etc.

Driving revenue

Be it running successful tech startups to being creative in the tech world, women in tech are setting up new benchmarks. In fact, women in tech is turning out to be a powerful fusion that is doubled by a large number of women taking up leadership roles and boardroom space driving revenue.

Looking at recent times, having both women and men in top positions is turning out to be the recipe for a well-balanced organizational culture, which apparently seems to be an amazing formula to drive profits. A diverse and inclusive workplace is proving to be more proactive and rounded with leaders from both the sexes. Thus, businesses seeking to develop an inclusive company culture need to attract more women candidates to ensure optimum diversity.

Women in tech isn’t about restricting yourself or preaching a narrow principle or bidding adieu to creativity, it is all about celebrating the diversity.

To sum it up, it is apparent that women have significantly improved several facets of technology and are set to continue doing the same for years to come.

About Prajakta Patil

Prajakta Patil writes about business management, start-ups, human resources, cloud, analytics and emerging technology. Prajakta is a digital marketing executive at Pocket HCM , a leading provider of human resources management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses across India.

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