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Working from home essentials: what you need to succeed


This guide outlines the working from home essentials that will ensure you can make it work for you more easily.

When you start working from home, it can feel pretty unbalanced. You are looking for a new way to manage your work, home chores, children, and everything else that you need to do. While eventually, it comes down to finding what works best for you, in the early days, there are plenty of tips that can help you achieve your working from home dreams. 

There will be days that everything goes off without a hitch. There are no chores that need to be tended to; the children are packed off from school to school without a problem, there are no deliveries and no other appointments. You can get into your flow and achieve everything that you need to. 

Then there are days that you seem to be scratching around just to get a few minutes to tend to your emails.  Even with the best planning, you might not be able to avoid those days that seem to hit you out of nowhere. A little bit of flexibility is always important. 

The working from home essentials

Own space

One of the most important working from home essentials that you will see mentioned is having a space where you can work and hopefully remain primarily uninterrupted. If you don’t have a spare room that can be turned into an office, you will have to carve out a little space somewhere else. 

Although they say don’t take work into the bedroom, it is often the perfect place to place a desk and chair. Preferably somewhere with a door so that when you need to get your work done and done quickly, you can close the door and dive in.  Distractions from family – and looking at the dishes in the sink can weigh heavily on what you need to do. 

Get organised to save

There is a lot about working from home that can be a considerable saving. When we head to work, we need to cover the travel, food, and drinks costs. Over the week, this stacks up. When you work from home, you won’t buy extra; instead, you eat and drink what is already available. 

The time you would ordinarily need to spend on travel can be used to tackle chores or plan the rest of your day too. 

But it’s not just there where the savings can be made. You can often add much of the equipment you use for working from home to your tax deductibles. Further to that, if you install solar panels almost all of the energy you use at home will end up being free. 

Make sure that you are up to date with all of the possible financial perks from working from home. 

Know when to close the lid

Once you work from home, you might be tempted to work longer hours or find it more challenging to close the laptop’s lid. After all, it only takes a minute to check your emails or get that piece of work done. 

But one of the key working from home essentials that you need to get used to is making time that isn’t in your working hours sacred. Early on in your freelance, small business opening, or working from home career, setting boundaries is a good idea. These boundaries will protect your private time and ensure that you have time outside of working hours. 

If you work in an industry that doesn’t sleep or are running reputation management, you might find it more challenging to have time set aside for yourself. 

Closing the lid on the laptop or closing the door to the office is one of the key working from home essentials that gives you the same mental distance from work presssures that people who work in a 9-5 job often enjoy. 


One of the best things about freelancing or running your small business from home is that you are free to take breaks when you like. Many freelancers, rather than taking breaks, decide to work through. There is merit in both, but designated breaks are working from home essentials that are beneficial for your productivity. 

When working from home, people often feel a little bit guilty taking breaks – the idea that you should be productive 24/7 is hard to ignore. But for you to perform your best, you need to take those all-important breaks. 

The flip side is that some people take breaks and then keep extending them, avoiding work. If this sounds familiar, you should add a timer to your breaks as one of your personal working from home essentials so that you get back to work once the timer goes off. 

Make use of the flexible hours

Freelancers, and sometimes those who work from home, can use the early hours of the day or late at night. 

Many business owners and those interested in productivity will wax lyrical about the hours of 4 am and 5 am. Working in those flexible hours is one of the working from home essentials that can be very beneficial for those who have more to do and take care of as the day goes on. 

Everyone has their rhythm where they work the best; for some people, they work well between 4 am and ten a; for others, it is late into the evening. You need to find where you are the most productive and set your day up around those hours. 

If there are certain hours in the day that you know you have trouble focusing, rather than try to force yourself to do deep work. Use those hours to make notes, or do some light admin. You are still productive, but you are doing it to work with you and your rhythm. 

Over the space of two or three weeks, start to make a note about what time of day you feel most motivated, and note the hours where you don’t seem to have the same output. 

Avoid distractions

Spending hours scrolling can be very tempting when you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder. But those hours aren’t productive and simply stop you from being about to complete your work promptly. 

There are a few tools you can use on your mobile or from your browser as working from home essentials to make sure that you can get distracted from social media. 

  • StayFocused has the option to block social media sites from your browser
  • RescueTime has an app and browser option to block those websites
  • Serene can help you to plan and then stick to your deep focus sessions
  • Forest is a mobile app, and you get rewarded for leaving your phone alone by growing a tree

After a while, you likely won’t need these apps, but to help you get into the rhythm of focus and working rather than slipping off to Twitter for a time, they are helpful to have. 

Make lists

If you have a lot to do, it isn’t a great idea to start working without a plan. A to-do list, even a bad one, is one of the important Working from home essentials that can keep you on track for the day. 

Each time you tick something off your to-do list, you will get a slight bump in dopamine, and that will keep you more motivated to complete the rest of your list too.  If you can do it before you need to start on a Monday morning, that will be for the best. Give yourself at least three urgent things to do each day, and then a few more items you want to achieve that day. 

Don’t overload your to-do list; that is asking for trouble. An overloaded to-do list is one that never gets finished and will leave you feeling less than accomplished. 

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