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Business essentials to help deal with a pandemic


The Coronavirus pandemic has many people worried, and they are buying items off the shelf en masse. You’re probably wondering what you should have had on the shelf, or in your business to prepare for this pandemic. No one expected this international crisis to happen, so don’t kick yourself if you felt underprepared. Although, there are a few items that you wish you would have had on hand for customers or for your business before Coronavirus, thankfully you should still be able to get most of them.

A generator

While you might think that obtaining a generator with the Covid-19 hysteria is a bit much, it can come in handy if the grid becomes unstable but you still want to keep the business operating. The Australian generator experts of Krugerpower display the wide price range that generators can fall into. The cost of fuel has fallen recently, meaning the cost-efficiency of generators might be more attractive to those looking to seclude themselves. The more the virus spreads, the more attractive the idea of getting away from everyone and everything becomes. This could potentially be useful for businesses in the future, or for sales but it’s dependent on the form of service or product you provide.

Toilet paper

This one is an obvious inclusion, we have all heard the stories about people buying massive quantities of toilet paper. There are some cases where businesses have been exploiting customers by raising the cost of toilet paper. Obviously this is unethical and many of these businesses have been warned. There is no reason to be purchasing toilet paper stock for the entire year, but you do not want to be unable to find toilet paper when you really need some (or not have any in your employees’ restrooms). Essentially, you want to have toilet paper on hand because other people are buying so much of it. Gastric symptoms are rare or nonexistent in most coronavirus cases, by the way — the panic buying in itself makes no sense — but you still need to make sure your staff are supplied at work.

Disinfecting wipes

If you’re even only running your business because it’s considered essential in your area, you’ll want to reduce the chances of transmission occurring in the office. After touching anything in public and then touching any of your belongings you are going to want disinfectant wipes. If you touch your steering wheel immediately after going to the grocery store, be sure to avoid touching your face, and disinfect it as soon as possible. Hand sanitizer is hard to come by currently, facing some of the same issues that toilet paper has been. Even if you are wearing gloves as a precautionary measure, you should still disinfect anything you’ve touched. If you have not washed your hands and you touch your doorknob after making a public venture, regularly wash this too. Coronavirus can certain surfaces for up to three days (not to mention all the other pathogens), so regular cleaning isn’t a bad idea.

A coffee maker

Depending on where you live, some businesses and restaurants may be shut down. That means if you’re used to getting your regular espresso from Starbucks, you might not be able to do this anymore. If you didn’t have a coffee maker in the office, you’re going to want one to satiate your caffeine addiction. If you are not used to making coffee at work, you might actually end up enjoying the habit of making it yourself. Caffeine is also shown to improve work productivity, and a boost in morale is called for in these times. You can think about starting a “pool” with the employees where everyone chips in for the cost of coffee. Most coffee-chains will also sell their commercial beans in a form that consumers can make themselves, so you won’t totally be without a familiar taste.

First aid kit

A few individuals might wonder why national parks and the like are being shut down. After all, if people aren’t in close proximity to one another how are they going to transmit the virus? Even though you might have a first aid kit at your business already, it doesn’t hurt to have another on hand. Supplies could need restocking and you want to be prepared for everything. While emergency departments around the world are preparing for the worst, and they might not be able to handle minor injuries. If you’re faced with these minor injuries, you might wish you had a first aid kit on hand. Of course, if you are faced with any damage that you feel needs medical attention do not hesitate to contact a physician or visit the hospital.

A good thermometer

Employees might be engaged in the hysteria, and if they’re experiencing symptoms they should leave work as soon as possible. Having a thermometer on hand can be a good way of quickly confirming whether or not someone should be in isolation. You should contact a doctor if an employee’s fever is at 39.4 degrees celsius, or anytime they are experiencing severe enough symptoms to seek medical attention. A thermometer is going to give you a reference point for your fever, and an objective measurement. While coronavirus cases are still relatively low per 1 million people, there’s always a chance your workers could contract it and you should be prepared.

Most of the items are vital to being prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic, so take a look at your current inventory and see how it compares to this list. Try to make all trips to the department store at once, the less that you go, the better. If you are unable to find disinfecting wipes, rubbing alcohol at a high percentage can work just as well. Keep a watchful eye out for any scams, there are many people online looking to take advantage of the worldwide hysteria. Get as many of these items as you can, and stay safe (and healthy).

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