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Ways to zen out your office and be more productive


The modern business world is a highly stressful environment. People, and especially women, who want to try their entrepreneurial luck have to realize that not a single step on that journey is going to be an easy one. However, the fact that nothing is going to be easy doesn’t mean that you should make it even more difficult. Au contraire!

Since you, as a businessperson, will have to deal with all kinds of stressful and highly-emotionally demanding situations on a daily basis, you should try to find a way to focus and balance out the negative effects of such a lifestyle. Turning your business hub into a peaceful environment is definitely one way to do it. There are a lot of benefits of embracing the Zen mentality in your workplace – both regarding you personally and the results you display on the business field – so consider implementing it your office. Here are some ways you can welcome the power of Zen in your office.

Embrace earthy tones

One of the basic principles of Zen is embracing nature and all its forms. So, the ground base of any Zen-inspired design is definitely natural colours in soft, muted tones. Therefore, when designing your office, make sure to go for various shades of white and grey, but also beige, green and blue. Walls in off-white hues make a perfect backdrop for any Zen-inspired design as they foster cleanliness and will make the area feel brighter and more spacious.

Tone down decor pieces

Additionally, since Zen teaches us to embrace minimalism in every aspect of our lives, refrain yourself from overcrowding your workplace with too much decor pieces. It’s your workplace, not your home, so keep the decor to a minimum and try to go for natural hues as much as possible.

Make the underfoot soft

Since, according to Zen principles, we draw our energy from Mother Earth herself, one of the things you should definitely try out is walking barefoot as much as you can. This will enhance the literal connection you have with nature. Of course, it works much better if you’re outside, but since you most likely cannot simply up and leave your workplace, think about adding a soft underfoot in your office.

Choose natural materials

For a more pop of colour you can go with a soft shaggy wool rug in green, but if that is a bit too much over the top for you, beige will work just fine as well. As long as it represents nature in some way, you’re good. Additionally, when choosing a rug for your workplace, go for a rectangular or square shape, as this shape represents the sun god Amaterasu, and it’s believed that this shape stands for solidity and applied control.

Make your office bright…

Nothing can hinder your business efforts more than a stuffy, gloomy work environment. That’s why you should try to see if there’s any way you can make your office brighter with the help of natural light. If not, try to make it as bright as possible with artificial light, but make sure that it’s as close to the natural light as possible. LED light bulbs are excellent at mimicking natural light and they are very eco-friendly, which makes using them a win-win.

…with lots of fresh air

Additionally, keep in mind that the indoor air can be almost up to ten times more polluted than the air outside. Therefore, make sure you air out your office as much as possible and install a high-quality HEPA air purifier to make sure that your indoor air is top quality. And know this, the better the indoor air, the more productive you’ll be because poor indoor air quality can cause fatigue, sore throat, and even the flu. Furthermore, the indoor air is more often than not filled with various allergens, which is yet another reason you need to try and improve its quality.

Embrace greenery

Finally, plants are arguably the most versatile and beautiful children of Mother Earth. Therefore, you most certainly should implement them in your office design. The effects indoor plants can have on both our mental, as well as physical health are numerous, which makes them a perfect addition to any space decorated with Zen in mind.

Layer the plants

Since the decor in your office is already reduced to the minimum, you should layer various plants to give your office more definition and depth. You should place tall, tree-like plants with lush leaves on the floor of your office; smaller (perhaps even flowering) plants should be placed on elevated surfaces such as your work desk, window sill and so on; and finally, hang a couple of spider plans – or anything similar – on a wall in your office.

Creating an office that will offer you some peace of mind in such a hectic environment the modern business world is, is not too difficult, and it also becomes almost mandatory. If you want to boost your productivity, you need to understand that you simply have to be able to relax from time to time, in order to give the best possible results. An office designed entirely with Zen principles in mind will work like a buffer between you and the rest of the business world, which will help immensely with achieving the perfect balance in the workspace.

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