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10 steps to get more sales for your business


Are your sales stats not as healthy nor as impressive as you would ideally like them to be? It’s something that many business owners and company managers feel. There is no real shortcut to success when it comes to selling your products to the public. You just need to look at your current situation, decide what’s going wrong, and then take some action to put things right. On the other hand, it might be even better for you to go back to basics and start again. After all, selling is a craft that you have to hone and learn.

This step by step guide will give you all the information you need if you want to go back to basics and find a way to clinch more sales. There are plenty of ideas below, and some of them are sure to apply to your business. Not all of them will be applicable or suitable, but there is something there for everyone. The points made take you through a journey from the start to the end of the selling process. So, start reading now if you want your business to clinch more sales and become more profitable.

1. Start by clearly defining your customer

To begin with, you need to clearly define who your customers are, or who you want them to be. It’s not the kind of thing that’s easily done, so you will need to spend some time on this if you want to get it right. Your customers should be people who you know are going to be interested in what your company has to offer.

You should build up an image of your customers. This will include their age, gender, income, and many other things besides. This doesn’t mean that no one outside of this definition can buy your products. But it will help you to make your advertising and marketing efforts more precise and targeted.

2. Learn how to generate better leads

Generating leads is something that is vital because this is where the selling process really starts. Leads are meant to be turned into customers. So, you can’t find customers until you first find some leads. There are lots of strategies to generate leads. You should explore them all and decide which are best for your company.

It might be a trial and error process for you. That’s fine, as long as you make sure that you keep pushing forward and look for new ways to achieve the things you want to achieve. Generating leads is essential, so this is a part of the process that you can’t afford to ignore or skip over in any way.

3. Know the needs of your customers

The needs of your customers are what you should be addressing. If you’re not offering them something they need, then you have to make them feel like they need it. It could be something that makes their lives easier, more enjoyable or just less stressful. These small things that help people through their days often matter a lot.

If you have no idea what the needs of your customer are, you should go back to basics and carry out some market research. Good market research can provide your company with insights into how your customers think and behave. You can then come up with products that are able to directly address the needs and wants of the public.

4. Always be clear with your messaging

The messaging your business uses needs to be as clear and as easy to understand as it possibly can be. If you don’t offer clear messaging, everything will come across as jumbled and confused, which is the last thing you want. The clearer you are with your messaging, the more people you will be able to reach and sell to.

Clarity is something that should be considered from the very start of your approach to marketing. If you can’t come up with a simple message, you will have problems later on. It should be something that is instantly understandable to the majority of the people that you want to turn into customers.

5. Offer something for free

People love to get something for nothing. This probably applies to you, and applies to your customers too. That’s why it can be a really good idea to offer something for free ahead of a purchase. Customers appreciate this, and it offers your business a great way to get people excited about what you are doing.

It could be some kind of free sample or a free trial. It all, of course, depends on what kind of products or services your business is trying to sell to the general public. Have a think about your approach to selling and how you are going to make the most of free products. You have to have a follow up that persuade people to then make a proper purchase too.

6. Become a more likable seller

If you run a business that relies on face to face sales, you will need to work on your own skills as a salesperson. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every business because many transactions don’t happen in this way these days. But if your business does sell face to face or over the phone, you will need to be as likable as possible.

To become as likable as you can be, you need to interact with customers in a natural kind of way. If you come in with the hard sell, people are not going to respond positively to what you are trying to say to them. Instead, you need to take it easy and have a more gradual and easy going kind of approach to selling.

7. Use content and social media better

Content and social media are very important tools when it comes to selling in the modern world. You won’t get very far if you can’t engage with people in a modern and up to date kind of way. So, content creation is something you should definitely focus on. This could be about getting coverage for your products in other people’s content. Or you could create content that draws more people towards your website.

Social media is another important factor to consider. You definitely need to have a presence on all of the main social media platforms. If you don’t people will simply assume that your business is behind the times, and that can have a negative effect on your sales figures. And try to interact with people in these platforms in a natural kind of way.

8. Reassess your pricing strategy

Sometimes, selling problems come back to pricing. If your pricing strategy is wrong, you might overestimate how much people are going to be willing to pay for what you offer. It’s definitely a good idea to reassess your pricing strategy if sales have become unexpectedly low and slow for the company.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should slash pricing massively. Sometimes, a slight tweak to the prices of your products can make all the difference. The aim should always be to offer customers value for their money. If they don’t think that they’re going to get that from your products, they simply won’t buy them. Talk to customers about what they think a fair price for your products would be.

10 ways to get more sales for your business

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9. Listen to and act on feedback

Feedback is important. When your company is struggling to achieve high sales stats, there is usually a reason for it. It doesn’t just happen for no reason at all. But you’ll never find out what those reasons are if you don’t do a little digging and get some useful feedback from your customers. You have to be prepared to listen to their criticisms.

When you know what their criticisms are, you can start to take action to ensure that these problems can be rectified by you quickly. Taking action is vital because getting feedback is entirely pointless if you do nothing about the bad things that people are saying about your products or the company generally.

10. Try to turn customers into customers for life

The one thing that’s better than a customer is a customer who’s loyal to your brand. It’s important to point out that customer loyalty is something that is becoming rarer and rarer. People have so many options open to them these days. And this can lead them to seek out better deals as soon as they get a whiff of them.

From your point of view, all is not lost, though. You just need to work on gradually winning the trust of consumers and showing them that your brand is one that should be taken notice of. If you can build relationships and get to know people a little, that connection will be even more solid, so don’t underestimate how important that can be.

Selling is as old as time. There will be hiccups along the way, but if you take advantage of some of the ideas outlined above, your sales outcomes should start to pick up and improve in no time at all. It doesn’t have to be hard work, so enjoy making some of these changes.

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