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4 factors women in business should consider for 2017


2017 is fast approaching, and it’s important to understand how you may be affected as a woman in business once the new year comes. It’s never been easy being a female in the business world, and trying to break the mold and do your own thing can also be highly problematic. It seems like the odds are stacked against you from day one, and that makes everything a lot more difficult.

Often you will find that starting your own business is the best way to succeed in the corporate world. But, you also have to be aware of the fact that there are issues and problems that will be presented with these kinds of things. There are a lot of factors you should consider for 2017 that may well affect you as a business woman. And these issues will be present whether you run your own business or not. Here are some factors that are going to affect business once the new year hits.

The presidential race

We’re approaching Election Day, and many of us are filled with a sense of dread. For womankind everywhere this is a pivotal election, and not just for women in business. Should Hillary Clinton win, we will see the first ever woman in the White House. This will see a great many changes happen that will benefit women all across America, and possibly even the world. We will have a voice in power, at last. However, if ‘The Donald’ should get in it could be catastrophic for women everywhere. The kind of blatant misogyny that Trump propagates can be damaging. It will lead to a lack of respect toward women. Men in the business world, who see Trump as a role model, may allow sexist views to prevent women getting the fair treatment they deserve. So we will all be waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the election tomorrow. And we will see how our lives as women in business may be significantly changed.

Glass ceiling of business

Despite the fact that we are almost in 2017 there are still a lot of inherent problems in business. Men and women don’t compete on an equal footing, and that is a big problem. The thing is, this doesn’t look to be improving much as we head into a new year. Yes, the Presidency may help rectify some of this, assuming Hillary gets in. But, for the most part, there are big problems with the disparity between men and women in the business world. It could be for this reason that studies have shown Mompreneurs to be the emerging group among business owners. Launching a startup is a wonderful way of having a voice and getting your own ideas executed without being ignored or overlooked. Women can redefine themselves as business owners, and 2017 presents the perfect opportunity to do that.


It’s not just the Presidential race that has deep ramifications for the world of business. In the UK there has been the Brexit vote, which may well see the UK leaving the European Union in a year or so. And this will affect foreign business, trade routes, and other areas of running a company. If you run your own business, this is something you’ll have to consider when you employ workers or order stock. Look into how much Brexit is likely to affect your company, and the way it’s run. This is something you can’t just ignore in the hopes it won’t affect you. It’s going to affect everyone, and your business is no different.

The rising cost of business ownership

Your need to think about the rising costs involved in running a business. There are so many business expenses that you need cover, especially when you’re first starting out. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you get an understanding of what these are and come up with ways of reducing or removing them. Think about all the areas of the company that require you to pay out. Switch to virtual offices so you can save money on renting your business premises. Check out to discover how you can save money through outsourcing. You might also want to design products that cost less money to produce. Anything you can do to cut business costs is going to be crucial for you going forward.

Think about how 2017 is shaping up, and how it looks set to affect you as a business woman. There are so many areas of the business world you’re going to think about. So, check out the suggestions from this post, and try to use them to ensure that you prepare yourself for the business world of 2017.

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