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The ultimate luxury holiday to wash away work stress


I love travel. I love seeing new places and experiencing new things, that’s why I spend my quiet hours at home scouting new destinations on the Internet and sketching out an itinerary of things to do when I get there. So it may surprise you to hear that I plan not to travel for a while as I plan to do some serious saving up, for my next trip, which will be the thing dreams are made of.

Sorry for going all Shakespeare but, for me, my next trip will be a massive undertaking worthy of any of the “Great Bard’s” protagonists, as I plan to go on the greatest luxury trip I can imagine. Okay, that may not sound like a chore to you but I am a man that pridesmyself on his backpacking credentials, my normal trip has been hitting hostels and experiencing the local culture to the full. Not to say that it hasn’t been a great way to travel and explore, for the most part, it has, however, I’ve yet to experience the life of a true jetsetter.

Maybe it’s my ever-increasing age making me less suited to the hustle and bustle of backpacking or maybe it’s the idea that holidays should be a reward for the long hours you spend at work to earn that pay cheque. Whatever the case, I feel that it’s about time that I indulge myself, so here’s my guide to the perfect opulent vacation, which I’ll be attempting, hopefully some time very soon:


The destination maybe the ultimate goal, but to me, how I arrive is of equal importance. Riding coach just won’t do and quite frankly neither will first class. For, you see, in the world of air travel, there is a class even higher than first and that is “residence class”, according to Etihad Airways anyway. Instead of a mere seat, residence travellers are treated to a lavish suite with a double bed and en suite bathroom. Moreover, each resident is afforded a butler trained at the savoy that caters to their every whim as well as a classically trained chef that can create a custom menu for those with a demanding pallet.


As you can tell by my sub heading, I plan to make this a multi-destination trip,after all, variety is the spice of life! That being said where will I begin my holiday? Paris, Rome, maybe New York? No, I’ll begin my journey in the modern home of extravagance…


Taking the residence flight from London to Abu Dhabi is the most fitting way to start preceding’s. This city has gradually built itself a reputation of being the premier destination for the wealthy. Most of its grandiose architecture is a testament to its economic might, boasting artificial islands that were constructed with the explicit purpose of housing its wealthiest residents and visitors. Whilst I am in the UAE I will also visit Dubai (of course). One of these man-made archipelagos off the Persian Gulf will provide accommodation during my time in the UAE metropolis. Frontrunner being The World, a group of islands shaped like a map of the globe, I quite like the idea owning a miniature British isles – a decadent home away from home. I’ll be spending my days shopping at the most decadent stores housed within the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall. After my urban adventure, I think I’ll decompress on a serene beach in the…


I used to watch travel shows religiously as a child. I was captivated by the exoticism of the foreign and picturesque locales that drove home the mundane nature of my native environment. Nonemore so than the Maldives, a paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, so it’s no surprise that my ideal luxury jaunt across the globe would have a stop there. The Maldives is home to some of the plushest resorts in the world. With each high-end resort sitting in its own shallow lagoon populated by coral, I can’t make a wrong decision. However, if I’m forced to make a choice it’ll be the Ocean Haven suite at the W Maldives & Spa. A two bedroom villa situated in a private lagoon (perfect for some private scuba), it has all the modern amenities and yet retains that all too essential island charm.  After getting my fill of sun I’ll head to my final stop on the trip…


Okay this may seem like cheating since I’ll be essentially be coming back home (capital boy born and raised) but after the paradise I’d have just experienced I’m expecting a need to reacclimatise. That being said London is no slouch when it comes to providing a luxury experience. The city is home to the world famous Dorchester Hotel; this sumptuous accommodation has hosted generations of royalty, political leaders and celebrities. It also boasts the only 3 Michelinstar restaurant in the UK, Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, providing the perfect staycation after my vacation.

This is the type of holiday most people dream of and very few experience, but in all honesty, isn’t that what a holiday should be in modern times? A rare experience that can be cherished for years to come! So why don’t you start planning your ultimate luxury trip?

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