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7 golden rules of long-term advertising and why you need them


You want your business’s success to be long-term and sustainable, so your approach to advertising should be the same. When you take a short-term approach to advertising, your results will be short-term as well. This is the way it works, and there is no way of escaping it. All you can and should do is stop taking a short-term approach and embrace a long-term strategy instead. It could be the most positive and helpful step your business ever takes.

Now is the perfect time to start making these kinds of changes. The longer your business has a short-term mentality, the greater risk it will be at. Things will catch up with you sooner or later, so make your business a little more sustainable today. Here are some tips and approaches that will help you succeed when trying to take a long-term approach to advertising.

Incorporate new advertising methods but don’t bet everything on them

New ideas in the world of advertising can be jumped on by entrepreneurs very quickly. Sometimes, they can be useful. But other times, people seem to jump on the bandwagon for the sake of it. So, be very careful when you pick up new advertising ideas because they might not be sustainable in the long-term. Betting everything on a brand new advertising approach that looks innovative on the surface can be very risky indeed. Sometimes, it might be better to bide your time and let other companies test the water first. So, yes, you should try incorporate new ideas when you think they could improve things. But don’t bet everything on them because they might fall apart very quickly.

Don’t advertise in short bursts

If you advertise in short bursts, creating a campaign once every few months, this is bad. Research has shown that this kind of approach to advertising does not result in the best outcomes. Instead, it is much better to advertise continually. That means that there are never any breaks and you keep pushing your message and your adverts continually. It means that potential customers never forget about your brand. It’s the best long-term strategy your business can take because it will raise brand awareness and result in higher sales. Don’t miss out on this opportunity by taking the wrong approach.

Keep your message clear and the same

Consistency is going to be essential if you want your business’s message to hit home in the long-term. If the message is clear and the same time after time, it will start to stick. Not being clear and consistent will lead to confusion. Bombarding your target customers with lots of different slogans and ideas never works out well in the end. It’s a messy approach to take, and your business should stay as far away from it as possible. Instead, you should try to stay on brand and on message for the desired results. Everyone in your business should be on the same page too. The business has to present a united front to the world.

Turn your customers into advertisers

This is a clever trick that can really help to spread the word about your brand. If your company is small, it could do with all the help it can get. So, why not give out free things, such as tote bags, to your customers? The advantage of doing this is that they can be branded with your logo and company name. Then, whenever that customer uses the bag you gave them for free, they will be advertising your brand. Give it a try, and see how it works out for you. It might also drive more sales for the reason that everyone likes to get something for free. Visit here if you want to find out more about buying these kinds of bags. There are many other forms of branded merchandise that you could give out too.

Aim to tie your brand to certain emotional reactions over time

Emotions are powerful, and they play a significant role when people consider buying something. People are often motivated by their emotions more than anything else when they buy a product. That’s why it’s so important to tie your brand to a few emotions. That way, you can aim to achieve a certain emotional reaction in your target customers when you advertise. This is something that you should develop over time. Making customers associate things with your brand doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that is cultivated over a number of years. Every time you create an advert, consider what kind of emotions you want to generate. In the end, you will achieve the results that you’re looking for.

Try not to rely on sales and price promotions

There are some approaches that you will have to either ditch or use sparingly. These are the classic short-term approaches that many businesses rely on. But you can’t afford to rely on those kinds of advertising techniques if you want your business to find long-term success. That’s not to say that they’re completely useless, but they definitely shouldn’t be relied on too heavily. For example, it has been shown that sales and price promotions lead to a short-term spike in sales. And that can be helpful. But the evidence also shows that these promotions have no impact at all on long-term sales figures. So, use the other techniques and ideas discussed above instead.

Always measure the effects of advertising and make changes

For your long-term advertising efforts to be a success, you will need to keep changing and tweaking them. This is what a long-term approach to this kind of thing has to be all about. If you don’t take an analytical approach to advertising, it’ll be impossible to tell what’s working. So, always measure the real-world impact on things like sales and social mentions that your advertising methods have. When you’re aware of the consequences of your advertising decisions, you’ll be able to change things for the better. There are plenty of analytic tools that can be used to track and measure data, so you have no excuses for ignoring this.

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