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4 key tips to boost your career


Often, a career can seem like a wild animal. It’s out of control, and often it leads us down paths that we don’t really want to be on. For instance, you can start working for a company as a way to pay the bills. Before long, though, you realize you’ve been sitting in a dead end job for nearly five years. Or worse, you’re getting lots of promotions and slowly rising up in a business that you were never interested in. It’s time to get control of your career, stop letting it lead you and start leading it instead. How can you do this?

1. Be your own agent

Your first step should be making yourself a brand and ensuring that you are somebody that customers and clients are going to be interested in. Or, if you are still thinking about working underneath someone, employers. To do this, you don’t need a recruitment agency on your side. These days, there are plenty of ways to create your own profile from blogging to setting up a Linkedin profile to staying active on Twitter. It’s all important and it’s all incredibly useful because slowly, you’ll become a name that people know. At this point, you will have power in whichever industry you are working in. You will be able to gain customer interest based on your name alone.

2. Build trust

If you are just starting down this path, it’s key that people do trust who you are and what you have to say. This means that you should use any part of your online profile carefully. Make sure you don’t give customers or potential clients any reason not to take you seriously because if you do that, they won’t come back. Any content you release should be carefully designed and kept to a high-quality level. This is how you build a great reputation and interest in what you can offer at the same time.

3. Lead your own company

Once you have gained respect in the industry you can think about leading your own company. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start fresh with a new idea. Instead, what you can do is use an existing franchise. For instance, there are housekeeping business opportunities on the market right now that might be of interest for you. This is the type of business that you can run independently while still getting help from people who have already found success.

The other option would be to start a brand new company. If you have an idea that you know is going to be commercially viable you can do this. But it’s not something you should try on a whim. It will take a great deal of time, effort and money. You need to be completely invested if you are going to find success.

4. Strive for excellence

Finally, if you want to take control of your career, you can’t settle for anything less for the ultimate goal. If you start to get comfortable in a job, your career is always going to be controlling you. It’s time to break free and make sure that you are always moving forward.

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