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4 easy ways to make your event fantastic


In the modern era, there’s a great of focus and attention placed on the importance of digital marketing, And, for the most part, that’s a good thing. The internet has transformed all of our lives in more ways than we ever could have imagined even a couple of decades ago, and the world of business has been no exception. It’s incredibly important that businesses move with the times and that they understand how important the digital world has become as a marketing tool.

Social media, content creation and viral marketing have all lead to some of the most successful and innovative marketing campaigns of the last few years. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only kind of marketing that you should be using. In fact, perhaps even more now thanks to the rise of digital marketing, there is something to be said for getting out on the ground level and actually communicating directly with customers.

And one of the best methods for doing that is through an event. A successful, event or conference can be an absolutely fantastic way to connect directly with a lot of customers all at once. Of course, there are plenty of events that end up having the desired effect. If your event is lackluster, uninspired or, heaven forbid, boring, then customers are hardly going to be enthused about the idea of your business, are they? If you’re going to put on an event you’ve got to make sure that you’re really offering something remarkable to your customers. With that in mind, here are some ways to give your event that extra special something that it needs to be a genuine success.

1. Build up to it on social media

Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to keep in contact with the attendees of your event in the run up to the event itself. Create a hashtag and Facebook group in order to generate some hype for the event in the weeks before it happens. Not only will this generate more ticket sales but it is also a great way to connect and communicate with those who already have their tickets.

Events almost always involve networking and getting that ball rolling in advance is sure to make your entire event run more smoothly overall. You can even get your attendees involved in certain elements of the planning process by taking polls on certain elements of the event such as the refreshments. It’s a small gesture but it makes a big difference to helping your customers feel more engaged and involved in the event from the very start, rather than simply wandering through the entrance and being confronted with it.

2. Offer VIP access

One of the best ways to make people feel as though they are at a unique and exciting event is to have specific areas dedicated to VIP ticket holders. It’s a simple touch, but it really can make a lot of difference. Perhaps it’s a dedicated refreshments area that’s a little bit separate from the main hustle and bustle of the event itself so that your VIPs can get a little peace and quiet if they feel like they need it.

Otherwise, you could use it to create separate areas for customers and investors, that way customers aren’t going to end up sitting through presentations about projection figures when they want to be engaging with the products and enjoying the event itself. Of course, to keep this system working properly, you’ll want to make sure that VIP ticket holders are easily identifiable. Something like a lanyard that allows them to present a special pass is a very elegant solution to this problem. Click here to view card holders that will help your customers display their passes as easily as possibly.

2. Do something unique

There are few things that are guaranteed to put a dampener on an event that if you discover that your attendees are clearly bored. It can kill the atmosphere of the event itself and can even lead to customers having a soured attitude towards your business as a whole. It’s important that you’ve always got things available to customers in order to entertain them as much as possible throughout the event.

Photo booths that allow them to take silly pictures and capture the event are a fantastic way to not only give customers something fun to do, but it also creates something that they can share on social media. Offer them plenty of social media opportunities throughout the event as well.

People love to share what they are doing online, and by providing things like a dedicated hashtag for your event, you’re able to help them do that while also using your customers to promote both your event and your business for you. Whatever you choose, there should always be at least two or three things that every single customer will come away having never seen before at an event. By providing those things then customers are a) more likely to tell their friends about the event, and by extension, your business and b) will come away with some incredibly positive associations about your business itself.

4. Set up mini events within it

There should always been things for attendees to do throughout your event. Dead time is incredibly dangerous because that’s the moment when attendees are likely to become bored. Make sure that there is entertainment at all times throughout the venue. Put on a concert at the end of the event so that attendees have something that they are consistently looking forward to throughout the event.

Or you could have a charity auction, that way you’ll be able to raise money for a good cause while also providing customers with something fun to do. By setting up these mini events then your attendees will never be in a position where they don’t have something fun to do, making the entire experience more enjoyable and more memorable.

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