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The 4 simple do’s and don’ts of SEO


If you’re marketing a business online, you always need to keep SEO in mind. It’s the bread and butter of any digital marketing campaign. But you also need to understand how to use SEO effectively. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind that will ensure your business is a hit, not a dud.

1. Don’t focus on one area

There are plenty of different types of marketing that fall under the umbrella term of SEO. So you shouldn’t simply be focusing on keywords or link building. You’re going to need to content, social media and guest posts as well. By covering all the bases, you can ensure you get the strongest campaign started.

2. Do keep up to date with trends

SEO changes on a weekly basis and the methods you were using last week may not be as effective today. Make sure you keep an ear to the industry and understand the changes that could impact on your campaign.

3. Don’t forget to optimise everything

It’s not just text that needs optimisation. Everything you release online should be optimised, and that includes any pictures or video. You can find out more about this possibility in the infographic below.

4. Do use a pro service

You shouldn’t try and DIY SEO because if you do, you’ll fall flat on your face. The fact is SEO is quite complicated, and by trying it yourself, you’ll probably stumble on some bad practices. These could lead you to a Google penalty and a difficult recovery.

Check out this handy infographic by Digitalico Media

The 4 simple dos and don’ts of SEO

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