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5 Industries women continue to dominate


Many people still believe that the world at large belongs to a man. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Over the years, women have begun to upstage their male counterparts. This is true in various aspects of life and business. In fact, there are many industries that are still dominated by women. Below, you’re going to learn a great deal more about some of these industries.


It should come as no surprise to learn that women dominate healthcare. The mass majority of nurses in the world will be women. It is estimated that roughly 80% of people in the healthcare workforce in the United States are females. The percentage of registered nurses in the world is even higher. This is unlikely going to change anytime soon. After all, there is often a misconception that it is bad for men to become nurses. Nevertheless, women continue to dominate the healthcare industry and it is likely going to stay that way for years to come.

Credit and finance

You might not believe it, but women actually dominate the credit and financial industries. In fact, there are far more female credit experts than men. It is believed that women have a better eye from the fine details and this makes them a good choice for this line of work. The percentages are pretty close, but women are still dominating this field.


It is also true the education is a woman’s world. If you enter an elementary school, you’re going to see a more professional woman than men. This is also true for high schools, universities and even community colleges. There are tons of female teachers. Women have dominated this industry since the 19th century and possibly even before that. Are men going to change that in the future? It is doubtful. Women are usually more compassionate and understanding than men. This makes them better for these positions.


Business in this day and age relies heavily on their human resources department. The HR department is responsible for hiring new workers, while also taking care of existing employees. It can be a lot of responsibility. The fact that women run this industry is very telling. Being an HR manager requires a lot of effort. The manager must be able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. Otherwise, they’re going to get in over their head. Well, recent statistics from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that women made up 72% of HR managers. That is very impressive. And, it should be noted that they’ve done a great job.

Customer service

Being a customer service representative can be tough work. After all, these people are often required to work with disgruntled customers. This is yet another industry where women excel. As mentioned above, women tend to be more compassionate and understanding than men. This makes them good customer service representatives. They understand what the customer is going through and they’re able to address their problems better. This is one of the main reasons that women continue and will continue to dominate this line of work.

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