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6 Things to think about when starting a business


With access to a plethora of information on the Internet, you are likely to get ideas that will spark your urge to finally focus on something other than your career―starting a business. This can be quite daunting to take on, and there are a lot of things to consider and hours of figuring out how to make your idea work long-term.

Success does not happen overnight. Failure will be part of your journey in building your start-up. Have faith. Keep true. It paves the way to growth. The best way to start strong is knowing what you’re up against. Equip yourself with relevant resources that will guide you to succeed.

Profitable ideas

It all starts with an idea. But it won’t be anything else if you do not act on it. Be aware of current events and trends. You’ll notice that people’s needs and tastes change over time, which means there are potential business ideas lurking out there, waiting for you to find them.

Contemplate on what is there to fix or improve that’s not been done before. If not, how can you do something differently that builds on the existing market that levels with popular expectation on a service or product? Research ideas. Go out and talk to people. Seek expert advice. Solidify your idea.

Information is power

Okay, you want to start a business. We got that down. Now what? Look into your intentions. Evaluate yourself on why you even want to start a business to begin with. You have to be certain about this. Know what skills you have and what you need to realize and supplement your goals. Know your area of expertise.

Do market research. Be prepared for reality, like the question: why would anyone need your service or product? Break out of your circle, your comfort zone and reach out to a mix of people to give you an idea of what you’re likely to expect pre, mid and post starting the business.

Business plan

Now, get all of your ideas and everything surrounding it on paper. What’s the purpose of your business? What’s the target market? Who is going to benefit and why would it be needed? Is there a demand for your product or service? Also, you have to consider the startup costs to run the whole thing. A well-written business plan will help you stay on track and aligned to your business goals and purpose. It will change as your business grows and matures.  

Legal aspect

Get things in order right away. Include this in your checklist: (1) Business name, (2) Business structure (3) Taxes (4) Registration, and (5) Permits. Also, when you’re set on your business idea, you don’t want others banking on it before you do. Consult a lawyer to make sure you’ve covered all the necessary legal sides to protect your business going forward. 


In this economic climate, securing funds can be challenging. There are options on methods of financing for startup funds or capital to keep it afloat: (1) Bank loan (2) Crowdfunding (3) Raise money (4) Microloan. These are just a few of the techniques you can pursue. Decide well.


When you start from the bottom, you have to build a strong foundation. You are going to need other people to set things in motion. Find quality individuals that value and trust your process. Whether you need a freelancer or employee, you have to find a good fit. Support you can rely on to meet your business goals is essential. You have to take care of your team as well to keep the gears going.

As your business grows, you’ll need benefit advisors to ensure you are providing the best benefits for the team with customized solutions. Search for a specialized employee benefits consulting and insurance brokerage firm you can rely on when the need arises. Understanding this facet of the business will keep great people to stay. It’s reassuring to know you are handing off responsibilities to competent and capable people.

Commitment, determination and burning passion are the main ingredients to grow your business and thrive in the niche you’re in. Invest in product development, and constantly look for ways to provide better service. Your customers will keep coming back to you time after time.

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