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3 Reasons automation is the modern business women’s best tactic


Having the best skills, education or even the most original ideas are no longer enough. If you want to get ahead (and stay ahead) in business you need to realize what’s happening around you. The fourth industrial revolution brought a long list of resources for all industries, including automation. If you’re not using these resources in your business yet, chances are you’ll swiftly lose momentum in relation to your competitors.

Here’s the current reality: You can’t ignore automation any longer. Your team or your business will never be the same again; And frankly you can no longer afford to maintain the status quo. Here’s why.

It makes sense for you personally

What is your greatest challenge each day? Chances are there’s an app, software or other automated invention on the market to solve your problem.

Streamline your workflow

One glance at an app store’s product list will show you how many of your daily tasks can be automated:

  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Employee onboarding
  • Team management

How many have you tried? It’s not being superfluous to invest in these. Everything you don’t have to manage manually means more time for other responsibilities. And that’s the only way you’ll grow your business.

Perhaps you’re holding on to traditional methods because you believe it will be detrimental to your daily functioning if you have to learn something new. In most cases, that’s not accurate.

Innovators and service providers understand the value of user friendly implementation and quality training. When you invest in a product such as Serfy you’ll receive an intuitive program to handle queries and complaints. The issue tracking tool can be customized to suit your needs and it’s simple enough to use no matter your tech experience.

It makes sense for your employees

Your own experience isn’t the only one the will benefit from automating aspects of your business. You’re bound to see more smiles around the office after implementing some modern tech.

Make them excited about work again

There’s nothing more soul destroying than doing menial tasks over and over again. And let’s face it, for some employees that’s the reality of their work days.

Why not implement the magic of machine learning? This tech can learn what needs to be done, simply by monitoring your employees’ actions. It will learn the ‘rules’ and start acting accordingly. This makes sense for moving information between databases, adding client information to paperwork and much more.

That leaves more time for employees to spend on creative tasks. When they feel more stimulated at work it leads to more job satisfaction and you know that means higher productivity.

Show you care

Are you sure your employees’ days are as easy as possible? You want employees to do as much as possible each day. Even if they want to they can’t do it without your help and automation.

Of course work can be challenging, but when you empower them to deliver their best it translates into care for their needs. A simple example is using a quality scheduling tool such as Serfy where automated tasks solve various common problems in the service industry:

  • Less time wasted on calls because the system automatically generates job tickets
  • No more angry clients because workers arrive late, because the platform keeps customers informed of ETAs.
  • Automated digital records enable accurate payroll for hours worked.

Spending less effort on draining tasks means your workers will be more focused when doing their work.

It makes business sense

Best of all is that these benefits to the people (you and all employees) will also benefit your bottom line.

Save: money, time, effort

A huge benefit of automation is that you’ll save in various areas:

  • Money: Automated systems make accurate calculations which means less money lost due to human error, inaccurate records or employee disputes.
  • Time: A streamlined workflow means you get more done each day. Of course increased productivity also affects your profit.
  • Effort: Automation makes it easier to get more done.

All of this leads to higher profit, which means automating your business isn’t an expense; It’s a long term investment.

Limit mistakes

One of the greatest benefits is that automation means standardizing. Your products, services and customer service will adhere to the same rules every day; No more risk of human error spoiling the outcome.

Imagine what that will do for your brand and reputation. So, which part of your business will you automate first?

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