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5 Low-maintenance pets ideal for busy working women


You might have heard the joke about a pet rock being the ideal choice for a busy and successful individual. You certainly know, as well, that the pet rock marketing gimmick brought the idea’s owner a small fortune. But a pet rock doesn’t actually offer you much in the way of love or connection. So, let’s take a look at some pets that busy working women can keep at home without a guilty conscience.

1. Rabbits

The fluffy balls of fur may seem like high-maintenance at first glance, but they are the opposite of that. All they need is a cage, water, food, and plenty of toys. They are very quiet, they won’t cause any property damage, and they can also be potty-trained.

A good idea would be to get a pair since they’re social creatures. This way, they can keep each other company while you are away on business.

2. Cats

Did you know that a study shows that cat owners tend to be more intelligent than dog owners? Well, it’s not the cat that makes the owner smarter, but, simply put, smarter people have cats because they prefer a low-maintenance pet since they work long hours. Any smart pet owner knows that having pet insurance is a must. If you’re looking for affordable coverage, check out

Cats sleep most of the day and, for the most part, are self-sufficient. Of course, they can get bored, so leaving them with some toys to play with is a good idea. Also, you should consider getting two or more cats, as they’ll get all the social interactions they need like this.

3. Small birds

As long as you leave your pet bird inside a clean cage with enough water and food, you can be away from home without a problem. Automatic feeders are also a solution for the times when you need to travel on business, and you’re not home for days.

It must be emphasized that small birds are a good pick, but large ones aren’t. Large birds can have loud, piercing voices, and they can also cause damage to your property.

4. Hamsters

Cute rodents also make great pets for busy women as they are very low-maintenance. While they can be left to their designs for many hours of the day, as long as they have enough food and water, and clean bedding, they bond well with their owners.

Also, hamsters are fun and playful, so they can provide you with the perfect means to relax when you come home after a long day at the office.

5. Fish

A beautiful aquarium can change the mood of your home, and create a space where you can feel relaxed and inspired. While you will have to invest a bit in creating the perfect environment for your fish, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Just remember that you will need to perform tank cleaning regularly. As long as you don’t mind having animals you can’t hug or pet, fish make the ideal companion. They need little care, and they also make for a beautiful addition to your home layout and design.

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