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5 reasons to franchise your business


In a franchise business, the owner sells the rights to their name, logo and business model to a third-party outlet. After paying the initial fee for the rights, the equipment, and the training, the franchisee will get to use an already tested model of doing business. Most common types of businesses that franchise are food outlets, commercial air conditioning and clothing stores. In most cases, you can make an arrangement with the franchisee to pay an ongoing royalty, often a percentage of the gross sales of your new operation.

After signing the contract, they get to replicate the business model of your business under your guidance. Meanwhile, you get to expand your business and to grow your brand while getting paid for it.  The franchisee will have as much control over the business as you agree during the contract signing, which is one important reason to involve franchise lawyers Sydney. As a business person then, here are five reasons you might want to turn your business into a franchise:

1. Minimal growth risk

If you have been running the business for a considerable amount of time, you know how many things you must consider at any one time. You know what potential things can go wrong and lose you your money. Franchising can help you to get high financial returns at low risks. Unlike adding an outlet that you own, when you franchise, the money you add for a new location will be less compared to starting from scratch.

Additionally, you will not be the one running the outlets and unlike employees, the franchisees pay before becoming part of your business. They also continue to pay a certain amount as you agree on the contract. These payments offset the costs of training staff and setting up the franchise.

2. Access to better talent

Another reason you might want to franchise your business is that you get talented people to manage the different locations. What’s more, these people already have an incentive to work hard. Often, people who are most qualified prefer to invest in a business for profits as opposed to a salary. By franchising, you will get to work with these people.

Besides, by buying your franchise, they will be choosing to stay with the business for a long time. This means that you are no longer at risk of having random departures. You are also freed from the tedious and time-consuming task of recruiting managers and staff members.

3. Simpler management

Franchisees will have the responsibility for the day-to-day activities in their business units. This responsibility is explained under the contract and the operation manual. Since the franchisees will have invested their money, they will not need as much supervision as an employee would. They already know what objectives they have and they will be working towards those.

As a result, the franchise network becomes simplified and the management system is low-cost. Your task will be to guide the franchisee when necessary. You might also need to work on a motivational leadership model.

4. Greater commitment

When the franchisee knows that they will benefit from the success of the business, they are motivated to work hard. Logically speaking, you get a commitment that surpasses that of employees. For the employees, it is easy for them to do the bare minimum; after all, their basic wage is fixed. The franchisee, on the other hand, has more than money as the driving force for performance. They take pride in the service they provide and so will work beyond expectations.

Better market penetration

Typically, franchisees have already established themselves as parts of a local community either in their business activities or on a personal level. This means that they have an excellent advantage when it comes to getting new business. They often live within the new location and that will be seen by the locals as a permanent commitment. As a franchisor, you get all these benefits which help in the market penetration.

5. Why you need a franchise lawyer

Before you start your franchise business, you need franchise lawyers Sydney. They have taken the time to know the nooks and crannies of franchising and the law around it. They have read and written many franchise contracts. They bring this experience to the table to help your transition run smoothly. In cases where states have separate franchising rules and regulations, you can rest at ease because you will be sorted.

More to this, franchise lawyers in Sydney know disclosure documents like they know the back of their hand. Remember that the franchisee will come with their lawyers. You will need someone as qualified to protect your interests. The lawyer will also help you to prepare your business for franchising. You can contact your local franchise legal team to see if your business is ready to franchise.

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