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5 ways lacking an app can harm your business


As technology continues to advance apace, more and more businesses are investing in developing apps. Simple and effective, people use apps for all number of activities from online shopping to finding love. The best apps are easy to use and regularly updated so people have something to come back for time and time again. If your business has not yet moved into app technology, now may be the perfect time to start. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should invest in an app.

1. One point of contact

Rather than going to your website, people instead can head to your app, which has the natural advantage of being accessible offline while also offering a range of functions. Apps tend to load a lot quicker than standard web pages so people are much more likely to use them. Once they have been downloaded, you can then get in contact with your customers through the push notification system. Rather than bombarding people with information, you can get in contact through this one simple point.

2. Affordability

As apps have fewer functions than websites, they are a lot more affordable to develop. There’s even software available so you can do this yourself, or alternatively you can get in contact with a professional for a more comprehensive job. Once the app has been created and you have developed a decent following, you can generate further revenue through other sources such as advertising or programmatic media buying. More and more advertisers are seeing natural advantages to moving into the mobile world.

3. Reinforce brand presence

Before people become fully aware of your brand, they need to see it in a number of different places. The internet has provided a range of platforms including online advertising and social media, and an app is yet another way new customers can discover your brand for the first time. In order for people to put their trust into a particular product, they need to be able to see that it is professional and forward thinking. Your app is a fantastic way of building brand awareness.

4. Keep in touch

As people are likely to have shorter attention spans these days, you need to constantly remind them that you are out there. Once they have downloaded your app onto their phone, half the battle is done. The rest of it is constantly keeping it refreshed with interesting or informative information. Your app can also act as a direct portal to keep in touch with your clients. A useful service is to provide a help desk so customers can get in touch with you with any difficulties or issues they are having.

5. Cutting edge

Though many businesses have moved into the world of mobile apps, there are still plenty which have yet to advance this far. Anything you can do to differentiate your business from your competitors has to be a positive thing. If your business has a discount or reward scheme, try moving it online as a way of incentivising more people to download your app.

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