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7 tips to design effective brochures


Brochures are like your business frontage… they have to attract and engage clients and customers immediately.

So it is crucial to make your sales brochure effective. You would need some good designing ideas and strategies like booklet printing cheap, which you can use to create an effective brochure. If you are planning for a new sales brochure to increase your productivity, you would need to ensure that you get a really good response. Remember that the whole process could need you to invest a significant amount of money, but sending effective brochures can boost your sales. But how do you ensure that your brochure is indeed effective? Well, let us explore 7 ideas for that below.

  1. Understanding your customer is the most important thing to plan and write the brochures. Before you start doing anything, make sure that you understand your customers well. You can talk to your salespeople as they understand the needs and demands of the customers best. You can also talk to your customers directly. Using their answers you can easily determine those things that you need to mention in your brochures.
  2. Use those images that are really important for your customers. Do not put in the image of your building. We understand that you are proud of your business and you would want to display its growth. But your customers would not be interested in that. Instead, put up the image of the products that you are selling. It would boost the interests of your customers.
  3. Focus on the benefits that your customers would get on buying your products. This would grow their interest and encourage them to make purchases from you. List down all the benefits your customers would receive point viz and highlight them properly so that they would notice it easily.
  4. Using relevant graphics and headings are very important. Average people take a glance on the brochures for 5 seconds and the design should be attractive enough to take their attention within that time. Also, make sure that your brochure looks professional according to the nature of your business.
  5. Make sure that the readability of your brochure is good. People should not find it difficult to read the copy. Look into the colour, font and size of the text to ensure that your customers can read each line properly.
  6. Give them the proper direction and things that they should do after reading their copy. Tell them the proper steps that would need to follow. Tell them to call you and visit your website to make purchases or look into the product details. Do not assume that they would automatically do so.
  7. Make sure that you have listed all the channels through which your customers can reach you. Put in your phone number, website URL, etc. in such a position that everyone can view that easily. You can also give a QR code to the product page or signing up to the newsletter page to make things easier for your customers.

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