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9 tactics to improve your social media presence


Social media often appears like an easy marketing solution. Some business owners think they simply have to set up a profile, and they’ll benefit from as much success as anyone else. Anyone who is experienced in the world of social media will obviously tell you that isn’t true.

In fact, getting off the ground as a business with no social media following is very difficult. Along the way, you’re going to need to understand exactly how to attract new followers, likes, and views. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together an article with a bunch of tactics to help you get started.

Connect with other companies

You might feel like going it alone when it comes to Facebook or Twitter. It’s your business, and you’re only focused on the success of your company. But, by sharing companies’ content and promoting them, you can create valuable connections. Then, they’ll do the same for you, opening up additional avenues of brand awareness. The more companies you can get on your side, the better.

Create a hashtag & get it trending

Do you know what hashtags are yet? It’s time to start learning about them! You’ll find them in use across most social media platforms, and they’re a great way to get more views. If you create your own brand-new hashtag and encourage others to use it often, it might just start trending. When others search for the tag or come across it by accident, they’ll be drawn back to your page. This gets loads of views, likes, and followers all in one swoop.

Buy followers

It’s very hard to establish a base of followers when you’re just starting out on social media. To do it without additional assistance will require immense persistence and a lot of luck. Many brands kickstart their efforts by boosting followers. Companies like Vibbi offer this, potentially giving you hundreds or thousands of followers. This sets up your base for the future, helping your brand to grow much more quickly via social media. However, if you follow this path, you need to be aware that a check on your profile can reveal this.

Contests & competitions

The great thing about holding a competition via social media is that it gets people talking. Have you got the funds to give something away like a tablet or a TV? If you have, it’ll certainly get a lot of attention. You need to be tactical with this, however. As a requirement of the competition, ask people to share the post. Then, you’re getting a massive awareness boost as you post spreads like wildfire.

Add sharing features to your website

This is a really simple one, and it can help massively. When you’ve got a great product online with a special offer, people want to tell their friends about it. What’s the best way to do it? Social media sharing! So, if you’ve got a set of one-click buttons on your website to allow them to do this, you’re making it easy for them.

Paid advertising

You’ve probably noticed by now that many social media platforms offer paid advertising. Of course they do – they want to make more money! It’s a great way of reaching more people instantly if you’re willing to spend the cash. You can tailor your adverts based on demographics, helping to reach relevant people. It won’t necessarily convert into likes, but it might be worth a try!

Add QR codes to your marketing material

You might not know what a QR code is, but you’ve probably seen one without realizing it. It’s a code that looks very much like a barcode, although it’s shaped in the form of a square. It can be placed on marketing material from magazines to vehicles. Those with a phone device can then scan the code, which will take them to a preset online destination. And yes – you can set this destination as a social media page.

Don’t be too generic with each platform

You’re not going to establish a good base of followers if you’re boring them to death! Social media platforms are diverse, and they all have their pros and cons. Don’t treat them all the same! Facebook is very much dependent on images, videos, and longer posts. Twitter is a way of getting a point across quickly, using hashtags and mentions. Instagram is all about images and videos above all else. Change up your strategy as you go.

Share the right type of content

It’s always a good idea to share other people’s content from time to time. But, you want to do this properly. So, seek out relevant pages that share genuinely enticing stuff. It’ll do wonders for your social media strategy in the right cases.

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