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Advanced invoicing software that saves company time


Invoices are indispensable in running successful business operations hence have to be recorded accurately and in good time to avoid any missing links. Invoices in accounting are crucial source documents that not only record every transaction but also give information about who conducted the transaction and the items involved hence are essential in guiding managerial decisions. Holded provides your company with a wide range of automated tools that make invoicing more effective and accurate with thorough management of all sales and purchases from inception to the very end. No detail is left behind with the best invoicing software solutions for your company from initial quotes, collection, and sending of every invoice, service receipts, and supplier invoices from business purchases. Holded is your one platform software that handles all your invoice cycles in a timely manner.

Highly customizable interphase

Your Holded account can be easily suited to your brand’s specifications in an elegant manner that instills confidence in your professional services. The software is predesigned with multiple templates to choose from. It is easy to build a bold and consistent brand image with Holded integrating fine details such as corporate colors and business logo which give your brand its unique identity. There are multiple options set for you to explore all of which cast your business as a leader in your respective industry with concise bespoke invoices.

Cutting down on administrative cost with holded

The platform systematically guides you in creating and sending invoices without involving human personnel which would interpret to additional cost. This is very cost effective for any business leading to a wider profit margin as desired by every commercial entity. Holded lets you formulate sale invoices without necessarily linking them to customers. It also generates specific invoices for your clients in a time span of seconds with the ready templates and automatically handles all your recurring invoices without the need for your involvement.

Convenient online platform for clearing bills

The progressive nature of technology brings value to businesses by increasing the level of convenience to their customer base. Holded is the next step in advancing the scale of your business as it offers diversity in ways clients can pay you. The platform is compatible with all credit cards, Paypal, direct bank transfers and other options that are preferential to the modern market. With the strategic tools provided by Holded your brand is not likely to lose its relevance in the fast-changing market landscape.

Conclusive managerial analytics from precise invoicing data

Get a handle on all invoicing data with the required information to guide managerial decisions from payments receivable, priority customer details, the status of disbursed invoices, billing in terms of payments already settled and so much more! All this information is presented to you in a matter of seconds whenever and wherever you need it even when you are away from the office. The platform also comes with an advanced search option when you need to make references to specific invoices. The current status of invoices is clearly presented to you showing all pending transactions, the due dates for payment and the total amounts collected to date.

Holded is readily available to your company and is easily reconcilable with your business bank account. Make the smart move today and give your business accounting process the break it deserves.

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