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Forget advertising. Buzz is what matters for business


When you’re launching a new product, when you’re drumming up sales for a holiday deal, or when you’re just trying to improve how you build leads, buzz matters. It creates a memorable brand, it keeps the company busy and it can be a deciding factor in establishing your customer base. If you’ve been waiting for the buzz to build, it might be a sign it needs a little kick-start.

Focus on first impressions

As important as the brand and the product itself is the experience of first coming into contact with you or your business. If you want people to be talking about what you do and what kind of value you provide, you need to focus on creating a great first impression. Whether it’s meeting them in person or ensuring that your site is both well-designed and usable, if you fail to make the first impression truly impressive, then you’re just going to be another face or another brand in a sea of unmemorable experiences.

Make sure people know you exist

One of the reasons that no buzz has grown around the business so far is an oversight that many new businesses fall into. If your whole marketing campaign has been based around advertising alone, then you’re missing out on the power of inbound marketing. Using an SEO agency, content marketing, creating a social media community, these are all ways to make it a lot easier for people to organically come in contact with the business. When that connection is organic, not the product of an interruption like a pop-up ad, people are a lot more likely to explore it further.

Get a little help

One of the reasons that organic methods of gaining visibility and connecting have a better chance of success is because it doesn’t feel like a business is pushing for it. People don’t feel like they have a salesman on their doorstep which means their guard is let down just a little more. Another way to achieve that is by getting others to share the value of the business and hit the same notes that your own branding does. Through influencer marketing and making use of a friendly network of other businesses, get your signal boosted and slip your message past that guard.

Hit some unexpected notes

Your branding and your value proposition might have enough merit in them to build a buzz when enough people get wind of them. But if you want to make sure that you get a buzz, you need to think outside the box. Viral marketing and guerilla marketing are all about creating the experience first, then leading to the brand after. It’s all about hitting them with unexpected, fresh experiences and watching the conversation evolve from there. You need to be careful, however. Plenty of guerilla marketing attempts have just left audiences confused and if a viral marketing attempt goes wrong, it can turn into a PR nightmare by the very nature of it. One such example of that happening is McDonald’s recent campaign where people could create their own burgers. Some of the most well-publicized examples ended up being complete jokes and sometimes at the expense of McDonald’s themselves.

An important factor in every point above is that any buzz you look to create needs to have a genuine core. At its center needs to be a message the market is going to care about. Without that, any chatter about your brand is going to be short-lived and ineffectual.

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