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Always in demand: This is how you start a commercial cleaning business in 5 easy steps


Every type of business has some need for commercial cleaning services. Some use the help for a specific issue like deep cleaning carpets and others use janitorial services daily. Every company has some type of ongoing need and that is why entrepreneurs who want a potentially lucrative business opportunity should consider this type of venture. Here are the five steps you will need to take to begin a commercial cleaning service.

Step one: create a business plan

Experts recommend that a business plan be concise, bold and knowledgeable. Discuss what the company will do, how it will achieve its goals and who will want the services. Give some details on marketing, daily operations and financial plans. Keep it long enough to express the ideas fully, but avoid so much detail that people stop reading.

Step two: research insurance and certifications

Know what the company must have for licenses (if any) and if the use of certain equipment requires certification. Insurance is a necessity for every type of business and a cleaning service must have coverage that protects themselves, their employees and the clients as well as the general public.

This is also a good time to register a business name and to decide if you need to register the company. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission website allows business owners to do both at the same site, and they offer a business tool to help decide what type of business structure is best.

Step three: find reliable suppliers

Every service and retail business must have reliable suppliers. A cleaning company will need an array of cleaning chemicals, paper products, tools and equipment. It is important to find suppliers that keep all these items on hand to ensure they are available as needed. Companies like give an example of what most commercial cleaners need to have in stock, so they are also a useful resource for estimating startup costs and building an inventory list.

Step four: find adequate financing

Every business will need some type of funding. Anyone willing to commit money to a new endeavor will want to know they are making a wise investment. Encourage their confidence through preparation.

Bring along the business plan as well as a copy of all business or personal bank statements for the last several months, and a detailed report of how the business will use the money.

Examples of uses for a business loan could include startup costs for supplies and equipment, vehicle leasing, and marketing campaigns. Include other operating expenses like office rent, employee uniforms and payroll.

Step five: begin marketing campaign

Market the company to sign on clients as soon as possible. Use traditional postal mail and email campaigns and include bonus offers for new clients to generate interest. Advertise through various forms of media like print, online, and radio. Build a website and develop social media pages on several platforms and keep everything updated.

Attend relevant trade shows to network with others in the industry as well as to meet corporate clients in need of your services. Contact commercial realtors and property managers in the area to make them aware of your business.

Build alliances with people in the construction trades, office supply business, and flooring installers or decorators. Basically, build a rapport with anyone that works with commercial customers that could offer a recommendation, or that may even hire your services as part of their projects. Return the favor by recommending their services to your clients.

Commercial cleaning companies have the potential to thrive. It is not difficult to begin a new business if you know where to start. These five steps can help anyone to become established with their own successful cleaning service.

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