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Auto stock prices: Who to watch


It has certainly been an interesting year for the American auto industry, with some previously doomed mega-manufacturers like General Motors bouncing back into a healthy recovery, returning to dominate the industry. For small and large investors alike, predicting the stock fortunes of some of the planet’s biggest car companies can be a difficult task, given that share prices can soar and sink at the unexpected drop of a hat.

Just take a look at how German auto-giant Volkswagen saw shares sink overnight following the exposure of the notorious emissions scandal and the resulting fallout. However, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the performance of some of the auto industry’s biggest players in the year ahead, so let’s take a look at the ones to watch for 2019.


Tesla shares have long been considered by investors to be something akin to gold dust, with a value that has continually climbed upwards over the past five years, now trading at a whopping $320 per share, more than Twitter and Facebook combined. Shares have taken a recent dive this summer, due largely to speculations around the abilities of Tesla’s eccentric and famous CEO, Elon Musk.

However, scandals aside, Tesla looks set to have a banner year in 2019, with the expected completion of the highly-anticipated Model Y slated for the end of that year. Tesla’s popularity with drivers around the world is continuing to climb at a steady pace, and with the release of ever-more accessible and innovative models, expect share prices to soar.

General Motors


General Motors may not be the industry behemoth when it once was, back when it’s role in the American economy was so vast that the company’s fortunes affected forex prices on the global marketplace. While it may not be as big, it is certainly better. The company is making serious inroads into the electric car marketplace, which itself is expected to grow exponentially in 2019. Since GM is churning out more affordable and widely-available models than Tesla, often to critical acclaim, expect the next year to be a good time to be investing in General Motors shares and stocks.


Ford is not just an American classic, but a global mainstay. One of the most widely driven car brands in the world, Ford is slated to release updated versions of some of their most vaunted models next year, such as Explorer and the Escape. The result is that the Bank of America has given them a clean bill of health after a couple of troublesome years, announcing that Ford looks set to have one of their strongest years yet. Expect sharp jumps in share prices in the year ahead, but be prepared to steel yourself for some equally sharp and steep drops throughout the year, and the company’s much talked about comeback experiences some growing pains.

The American auto industry is in rude health and looks set to see off competition from the Asian and European competitors as they continue to stay ahead of the game in value and green technology. However you invest, American car companies are certainly worth watching.

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