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Women entrepreneurs: busting the myths


Starting a business is difficult enough without encountering additional issues. The stigma around women running a business has been around since forever, but it slowly starts to fade away given the new mentality of people. Women entrepreneurs are just as entitled as men to start their own profitable businesses. Women should also take into account that their responsibilities might be more numerous and the challenges that they are going to face will be more difficult. Women entrepreneurs must start getting informed about what it takes to launch a business and keep their motivation strong during this process. This article sums up the pieces of advice that women entrepreneurs offered to other women that were prepared to start a business. From finding a profitable idea to handling finances, future entrepreneurs can enjoy this valuable information for their future company. Here is the complete list:

Promising ideas and a serious drive

All businesses start with a great idea and the motivation to get started. Without a serious drive, women won’t be able to handle all the challenges and barriers that might show up during this journey. Before making a decision, entrepreneurs must find their strengths and weaknesses and find their motivation to cope with any situation that might occur. Risking is a necessary part of being an entrepreneur and it can’t be skipped. Starting a company always involves taking a risk. This risk might end up positively or not, depending on the validity of the idea selected. Researching the applicability and potential success of a business idea is the first step in handling business.

Women entrepreneurs might successfully reach the market after a few failures, considering all the limitations they must defy. Failures should only teach entrepreneurs how to handle things the next time they try, not make them give up. These are the parts that all entrepreneurs have to endure when launching a business, so they must continue fighting for it at all costs. Taking advantage of the momentum and motivation they have and putting in more effort into it will eventually take women entrepreneurs to the top.

Challenges that come with being a woman entrepreneur

So, why are women entrepreneurs more challenged than men in the business industry? There are a few extra things they must deal with in the process of launching a business. Here are a few of them:

  • Myth: women are more emotional than men

Women struggle with the fact that they are considered more emotional than men when launching a new business. People sometimes consider that the judgment of women can be clouded by their emotions, but that’s not true in any way. When deciding to start a business, women entrepreneurs should already know what they have to handle and what types of decisions they have to make in the long run. Emotion in business can actually be quite useful. Living within this stereotype is a mistake and it will limit you from reaching the success you deserve.

  • Myth: women can’t handle all the responsibilities that come with business

This is another stigma around women entrepreneurs which is also not true. The responsibilities that come with business should be known before starting this journey. Entrepreneurs know what they sign up to when they decide to start a business, and so do women. Handling these responsibilities along with the ones that come with personal life involves assuming all the efforts. Entrepreneurs know how to test their skills and strengths beforehand.

Defying these challenges that are launched by the society is part of the journey. Following a lifelong dream in terms of business shouldn’t be kept in place by these myths and everyone is entitled to launching a company that can become profitable. Take as an example the millionaire women that launched businesses all by themselves – Oprah Winfrey, Kendra Scott, Jamie Kern Lima, and so many other examples should inspire you.

Where to start?

Financing is usually the roughest part of starting a business. Entrepreneurs that don’t have funds to launch their business in the first place must get informed about other ways to handle this issue. One good way to start would be getting an investment fund. Investment funds are firms that aggregate the funds of different small investors in one or more specific investments. Of course, the common objective of the investors is being followed. This way, the investment fund offers small companies the change to produce an income faster. Investment funds can be either open-end, which translate as mutual funds or closed-end, which translate as investment trusts. Athene Li XIO Group is one of the companies that offer such services for new entrepreneurs that are willing to grow their businesses fast.

Mutual funds are professionally-managed, which means entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about their investment that much. Pooling money from more investors into a mutual fund is a safe method of starting businesses, as it provides a much better level of business diversification and – above all – liquidity. Liquidity represents the ease of turning assets into actual cash. The assets are represented by stocks or bonds, and they can be rapidly turned into cash. This is a very important feature for new-starters. Entrepreneurs must get informed about all the funding options they have in order to choose the one that suits their needs and goals best.

Private equity firms

Private equity and venture capital are enormously important for a country’s economy and for new entrepreneurs. Private equity firms want to improve the companies that choose to invest in their services and they are focused on growth and expansion. The more the company develops, the better for both sides. Private equity and venture capital firms are only collaborating with businesses that seem to be very promising, so that’s why it is so important to have a good premise when launching a new business on the market. The opportunities offered by such firms are the ones that make quick expansion possible.

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