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How to create the perfect social media strategy


When it comes to social media, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start, and how to use this to achieve your business goals. However, following these steps below will take away a lot of that stress and help you on your path to social media success.

Use high quality, attractive images to draw attention

Nothing can help diminish your brand quicker than social media posts that have bad images. Not only will this result in your current and prospective customers associating low quality with your product and service along with your social media images, but it will also be harder to get social media viewers to stop scrolling long enough to get to know your business. If you’re a seller of physical products in particular, it’s incredibly important that you invest money in hiring a professional to photograph your products to make them really enticing. For other posts, there are great stock image sites out there that have a fantastic range of royalty free photos and videos that you can use, free of charge, including Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash.

Think about your target audience

You could have the most beautifully crafted posts with the most engaging text… but if it’s directed at the wrong audience, all of your time and effort has just gone down the drain. Think about the people who would most likely buy your products, as well as research your existing customers (if you have any) – you might think your main target market is women aged 25-35, but your business’s order history may show that it’s actually women 50+, or maybe even men shopping for their wives and girlfriends! Really try and understand your target market, then spend some time brainstorming what their pain points are to use this in your messaging. Are they time poor, overwhelmed with options, suffering from guilt or pain? The below is a great overview of things that everyone wants to have, and wants to avoid, that you can include in your messaging.

Even better, ask some of your customers what drove them to purchase your product or service, and use that in your posts moving forward.

Mix up your content – different types, different platforms

When it comes to the content you are posting across your social media, you want to make sure there is enough variety to attract the attention of different people within your target segments, as well as keep it interesting for those who see you in their newsfeeds every day. As a guide, try to include an even mix of the following content types:

  • Testimonials and client reviews – this will help positively influence potential customers.
  • Product/Service promotion – include strong call to actions listing the benefits of choosing your company. Experiment with selling your brand, packages, and individual products and services.
  • Seasonal – make sure to include a post for seasonal holidays, as well as holidays relevant to your industry such as “international dog day” or “tortilla chip day”. You might even like to include a discount or promotion for purchases on a day relevant to your company e.g. “10% off all of our sloth stationary to celebrate International Sloth Day”.
  • Visual – this is more applicable for Instagram, where you are looking for visually enticing images to use, with short descriptions. These are quite similar to the posts you will see from your friends and may be a stunning ocean photo, with the text “a beautiful day for the beach in Sydney” along with relevant hashtags.
  • Quotes – these can be your own tips to help address pain points for your target market, or quotes from inspirational role models that you know your followers would relate to.
  • Fun – these work well to increase the engagement on your page, and to organically grow your reach as people naturally tag friends they know would appreciate your post in the comments section.
  • Videos and Gifs – these are also great as they draw attention for those scrolling. You can even get creative and try some of the lesser used techniques like cinemographs to really stand out in the news feed!

Along with different types of content, make sure you are varying the content you are posting across each of your social media channels. It’s quite likely that your Facebook followers will also follow you across Instagram, and if you are showing them the exact same content across each platform, it’s not really incentivising them to keep following you. While you can use some of the same content, try and have every second or third content post unique (and relevant) to that specific platform. Keep the more visual and artsy posts for Instagram, and the testimonials and client reviews for Facebook.

Create a content schedule

If you are posting new content every day, your days will quickly get eaten up with brainstorming new images and text, and you’ll find it very easy to fall behind. I recommend doing it in monthly batches – at the start of each month, spend a few hours putting together a content schedule. List the exact posts you will set live, the launch date of each, the social media channel, and the different hashtags you’ll use. Then use free scheduling software like Hootsuite to schedule all of your posts – that way you only need to do this exercise once per month, but your followers will see new content from you every few days. You can do sporadic posts throughout the month too when there is breaking news, or you think of a post that you just can’t wait to share, but this really is the most productive, time effective way to manage your social media, allowing you to spend more time on growing your business through other channels.

Social media doesn’t have to be hard – spend some time upfront understanding your target market, then getting the posts and scheduling right. Make sure to keep analysing the results to see what your followers respond best to, and keep up to date with the newest social media trends. If you are really struggling or time-poor, hiring a social media marketing company could be the perfect way to ensure your social media is not only working to increase your followers, but also to drive leads and sales to your business. Whatever route you go down, make sure to have fun with it!

About Brenda Ledwith

Brenda Ledwith is a senior digital marketing consultant at Living Online, an online marketing agency that works on growing businesses on the digital space. An avid lover of SEO and social media strategy and implementation, she currently works with a range of companies and helps them achieve their business goals, driven by her passion of the industry and her desire to see everyone she works with succeed.

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