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Becoming a formidable woman in the marketplace


There’s a new feminist movement that’s taking place. More women are feeling empowered to speak up about unfair treatment in the workplace. They’re unafraid to ask for what they’re worth. They’re starting companies, teaching and mentoring. If you’re a woman who’s inspired to join the ranks of powerful women in business, it’s important to adopt a few strategies to move ahead.

Take ownership of self

One of the last things you want to do is play the blame game with your own career. If there’s any area of your life where you’ll need to learn to be selfish, it’s your career. After all, your career is what financially sustains you. Plus, when you love what you do, you’ll have a better chance at experiencing happiness.

Your work takes up such a large portion of your life. You should love what you do. However, there are many people who allow work circumstances, co-workers and poor skills to take over. When you don’t have a great work ethic, it’s going to be challenging to maintain a great career. When you work hard and take ownership of the work you do, you’ll increase your chances of doing an incredible job.

This doesn’t mean that you need to leave others out of the process. You can definitely build teams and develop partnerships. In fact, it’s really wise to do both. However, when it pertains to the work in front of you on your desk, take ownership of what you bring to the table. Take ownership of the way you show up at meetings. Be responsible for the attitude and professionalism you bring to a space. When you develop a reputation as someone others want to work with, this will help you in years to come.

People will advocate for people they really trust. Become someone that’s reliable, easy to work with and efficient. As a woman in business, you’ll become deeply respected when you commit to these mantras.

Take the right kind of advice

There’s always someone who has a word of wisdom. The key is to know when to consume the meat and spit out the bones. You get the opportunity to create a career that you’re proud of. Knowing this, it’s okay to receive advice from successful people. In fact, you should take heed to it. However, it’s also essential to know if and when something applies to you and when it doesn’t. You don’t always know the context of why a person might’ve made a specific decision at a specific time.

Plus, there are countless stories of people who were successful because they were in the right place at the right time. Maintain strong relationships with really great mentors. When you have great mentors, you can get a balanced and broader perspective regarding how to move forward in a way that’s efficient and productive for your long-term goals.

Make financially responsible decisions

When you’re in charge, it’s easy to make decisions that aren’t great. While you will make mistakes, it’s important to learn from those mistakes. However, you don’t want to make a ton of mistakes when it relates to your finances. Know what your strengths are and delegate the tasks you’re weaker in. If you’re excellent with money management and quarterly projections, take care of it. If you’re not great in that area, it’s okay to hire someone and sit closely underneath their leadership for this one component of your business.

Too often, women in business try to take on more than they need to. As a result, they end up feeling the woes of burnout. Instead, make financial decisions that honor what your company needs. If your company needs to spend less money, find creative ways to build a better website at a better price point. Take a look at the details of enterprise magento pricing or other options. If you don’t manage money well, it’s important to learn. Yet, while you’re learning, hire someone who can maintain a financially healthy business.

Build a reliable team

If you try to operate as a solo superstar in business, you’ll fail miserably. You’re only as strong as your weakest play. Take the time to intentionally mentor and develop someone at a lower level than you. When you empower others, you’ll make your own foundation sturdier. Build a reliable team by avoiding the urge to micromanage projects. When you delegate tasks to different people, let go of the task. Allow that professional to manage the details. It’s okay to check in, but don’t micromanage.

It’s also wise to maintain a high level of communication within the entire team. Whether this involves a few meetings or conference calls each week, build a team that includes one another in the process. When you have a team that’s symbiotic, you’ve created a healthy synergy that will empower you and others to work at their highest efficiency.

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