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Why Women are more cut out at Freelancing


Self-employment has grown in the UK over the last decade and that includes a spike in the number of freelancers. This is unsurprising considering the desire for more flexibility and freedom among workers. However, there is also an argument that women are better at freelancing than men, despite figures revealing that male self-employed workers earn more than their sex counterparts.

Why is freelancing growing?

The main reason freelancing has taken off is because of the internet. Nowadays, anyone in the world is able to work remotely for any company, providing services in website design, copywriting, translation, accountancy, administration and much more. One freelancer in Manchester may be able to work for a firm in Hong Kong and simultaneously deliver a project to a client in Melbourne. The borders are removed in the modern freelancing sphere and the market for clients is multiplied.

This has been enabled further with the help of the best freelancing sites which will easily connect that Manchester-based website designer with the e-commerce company in Asia and provide payment security for both parties.

Is freelancing for everyone?

Although it sounds fantastic to work as a freelancer and build your own empire, it won’t be for everyone. Some people may not have the ability to motivate themselves or may even feel lonely working alone. For these jobseekers, it is probably best to look for a traditional 9 to 5 position.

Regardless if you are interested in exploring freelance options or are seeking a more stable employment, using one of the many renowned online job portals available offering local jobs will be your best shot to find that perfect employment.

So, why are women more cut out for freelancing?

By all means many men operate successful and high-earning freelancing careers in an array of industries, but there are some solid arguments that suggest women are more cut out for freelancing on average. They are:

1. Women are detail orientated

Many of the projects that are up for grabs between freelancers require extensive attention to detail, especially when working with some of the best productivity platforms in the business. Women on average display a better capacity in this area and often thrive when needing to show their attention to detail and going the extra mile for clients.

2. Women are responsive

When things need to get done, deals need to be agreed and clients need responding to, it requires a responsive and available attitude. Due to women’s renowned ability to multitask better than men, they can excel in these areas and provide clients with a better service.

3. Women market themselves better

Women are also known to be able to market themselves better – without making it all about them. The truth is that even though your credentials and experiences are important, men try to put too much weight on these and forget about the reasons their clients came to them. Women on the other hand balance empathy for their client’s situation better as well as showing off their abilities.

Final thoughts

If you are a freelancing females, then keep on rocking and chiselling away at your empire. Men can take note of these skills to make themselves more successful – even if they are already successful freelancers!

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